The Russian-Ukrainian gas war lasts: Kiev threatens Russia and the EU to dismantle its gas transportation system

The Russian-Ukrainian gas war continues: Kiev threatens Russia and the EU to dismantle its gas transportation system

Kiev wants clarity from the Russian Federation and the Euro Union concerning the prospects for Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) — told reporters on September 14, a spokesman for Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Lukyanenko.

If Moscow builds a bypass pipeline around Ukraine, Kiev wants to get a clear answer: Does it count on the fact that the Russian Federation as before will use the Ukrainian gas transportation system — voiced the position of the head of the Ukrainian government of Mykola Azarov's press secretary. If our homeland is planning to abandon the use of Ukraine as a transit of natural gas to Europe, then to Kiev content transmission system "becomes unprofitable, and it has to be dismantled, not to spend money on maintenance" — voiced by Lukyanenko UNIAN.

With all this Vitaly Lukyanenko said that the unique and important component of the GTS Ukraine are the underground natural gas storage facilities, which are located in the west of the country, as they provide a completely fixed and guaranteed supply of gas to the European Union in all circumstances. Because in the case of a reduction in natural gas production or supply it will be able to Kiev for a significant time to ensure the gas supply to the EU, because the gas supply routes bypassing Ukrainian country — "the sea, and are still unexplored risks," — said a spokesman for Prime Minister . In this case, if Kiev will finish implementing its own transportation system, it will be a "very severe risk factor for Europe." Because of the EU Member States and, in turn, Kiev wants to find out what is in Brussels' plans for the Ukrainian gas pipelines. In the case of stopping the transportation of natural gas area Ukraine "Western Europe is entering a zone overestimated energy risk" — identified Vitaly Lukyanenko.

Earlier, on September 9, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made a statement on the subject. He said that the discussions that Kiev pays for natural gas more than other European countries, it is a worldview that has no foundation and is a clean water Ukrainian propaganda. According to the Russian president, the pricing formula of a general nature and relates to it as Ukraine, and other European countries. Medvedev expressed hope that Ukraine will regularly do clauses of the contract, except that agreements are reached on the parameters of future cooperation.

EU at the present time have any inclination to participate in the modernization of the Ukrainian gas transport system. Announcements about it appeared in the spring and summer of 2011. In principle, Brussels can be appreciated, the Russian Federation Launches "Nord Stream", in addition to the EU consider strategic principle for European countries to implement the Nabucco project. Prepyadstviya Ukraine over the charge with no desire, their own pain in his head missing. So, in an open recognition that comes second "wave" of the global crisis, and the main task of the EU to save the Alliance itself and the euro area.

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