The scientist spoke about the mysterious Martian soil

The scientist, who said about the "historical discovery" on Mars, told her about the mysterious component of soil

The scientists involved in the study of Mars mission Curiosity, on Monday formally explain in the "discovery of historic proportions," which allegedly failed to make the study of soil samples taken apparatus. The supervisor John Grottsinger and his colleagues will give a press conference in San Francisco, where he opened the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Words Grottsingera that data, obtained by the rover, "get into the history books," aroused by the press and fans of science fiction. The head of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Charles Elachi said that, according to still unconfirmed preliminary findings, we are talking about organic molecules — the precursors of life.

Speculation and hype around this topic has forced the U.S. space agency NASA to make a refutation. It stressed that at present convincing evidence of the existence of organic molecules on Mars, which form the basis of living matter, is not revealed.

As explained Grottsingera colleagues, journalists erroneously believed that his famous statement referred to the recent studies of samples of Martian soil, whereas in fact the scientist spoke about the historical significance of the mission Curiosity as a whole.

Mysterious component of Martian soil

Grottsinger himself indirectly confirmed this in an exclusive video interview with the portal Without revealing themselves the results of recent research, he spoke about the amazing tools rover, through which they could obtain. The process of sampling and soil treatment are also shown in the video.

According to the scientist, the unit took samples in a typical "sand dune" in height of about 10 centimeters. First, using the first two trials were "cleansed" from extraneous contamination chamber, which was to explore the ground. Third and fifth sample was sent for analysis, and the fourth also went to "purge."

During the experiments, soil exposed laser ray were examined by chemical sensors, etc. All this allowed us to make an automated laboratory on board the Mars rover — SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars).

As was taken primer consists of two main components. First — it's a solid minerals, substances with an ordered atomic (crystal) structure. The second component is predominant on the contrary, has an amorphous structure. As Dr Grottsinger, one of the major issues facing researchers — to understand what exactly is this second component.

To this must be removed from samples of all mineral particles and the remaining study material to X-band spectrometer to determine its chemical composition. The material is then to be returned to the SAM, where it is subjected to high temperature stress. Gas, which in this case will stand, will also be studied. "It's incredible how much we can do with these tests," — admired scholar.

Other "greetings" from Mars: the face, UFOs, shoes and unearthly beasts

While everyone is waiting for the results which will be announced well in San Francisco, the portal ponders why all the news from the Red Planet so vividly interested earthlings. Back in the 1960s, scientists had assumed that Mars may have water and any form of life. It was enough to capture the minds, dreaming of faraway worlds and neighbors in the universe. Interest fueled fiction literature and, of course, cinema.

Imagine the disappointment of those dreamers, when later in the same 1960, NASA's Mariner of the series sent the first pictures of Mars taken from close range. Images showed that the surface of the planet is just a lifeless desert with craters.

However, since the spacecraft periodically "throw" Earthlings enough reasons not to despair and do not lose interest in the Red Planet. For example, in 1976, Viking 1 struck the imagination of the famous photograph of "The Face on Mars." Although scientists have said from the beginning that this effect was given the play of light and shadow, fans of science fiction preferred to build their own guesses. Only in 1998, then in 2001 the new pictures of the place showed that the "face" — this is an ordinary hill.

The current mission of Curiosity (device, launched in November 2011, and sat down on Mars in August 2012.. — Ed.) Is not far behind on the part of the "mysterious discoveries." For example, it was reported on the alleged fixed on the horizon of Mars UFO. Fans also spotted in the pictures are "evidence of life" as a finger, shoes and alien animals.

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