The troops in the Kuril Islands have new air defense system Buk-M1 and T-80 tanks


Stationed on the Kuril Islands group of Russian forces equipped with modern weapons, in part already delivered T-80 tanks and air defense system "Buk-M1", said Wednesday a senior Russian Defense Ministry.


"At the Kurils have been delivered anti-aircraft missile systems" Buk-M1 ", the modern means of communication, and heavy military equipment, including battalion of T-80 tanks," — said the source of the "Interfax".
According to him, "strengthening the forces in the Kuriles modern weapons and equipment will continue."

A source in the Defense Ministry did not rule out, in particular, accommodation on the islands of mobile missile-gun systems "Armour-C1», as well as replacement systems "Buk-M1" to the new version — "Buk-M2" — development and production of Concern PVO "Almaz- Antaeus. "

The source also said that along with the equipment group of troops with modern weapons on the islands of Kunashir and Iturup the construction of new military bases with the necessary infrastructure.

Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov said earlier that armed forces in the South Kuriles planned to deliver mobile coastal missile system (PBRK) "Bastion" the missile "Yakhont".

"By 2014-mu, to a maximum of 2015, the grouping of the Kuril Islands will have a completely new look with modern weapons and military equipment. We are planning to put on all of the Kurils models of weapons that reliably ensure the safety of Russian territory by sea, air and land, "- said Makarov.

Chief of General Staff emphasized that the group of forces in the Kuril Islands, the rise will not be. "We have personnel will not increase, but the potential of our groups will increase many times," — said the general.

Earlier it was reported that in addition to the complexes 'Bastion' military forces in the Kuril Islands is planned to strengthen the air defense means the Army, in particular, anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-M2" and attack helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter".

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