The Ukrainians suffered burns toxic hogweed

Doctors say that the annual number of patients is growing.

Since the beginning of summer in the burns unit of the regional hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk region already visited ten patients, all of them suffered from hogweed. Had the temerity to touch the plant.

"First, redness, then bubbles, then the blisters burst. Plant is very dangerous because it creates a chemical borevik singe", — said the head of the burns unit of the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Hospital Kirshak Constantine.

Most of the children suffer hogweed, mowers and gardeners — doctors say.

Bring this culture is difficult, farmers say, it is quite stable. Various pests it also circumvented. The only way to deal with Hogweed — periodically mowed. Longer apply to the plant raw land. And those in the Carpathian — almost 50,000 hectares, as reported

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