The victims of the February floods

These days in Brest and Gomel — winter flooding caused by prolonged thaw. The water in the rivers running strong and where many podtopilo rural farmsteads and even homes.


"We do not need that power!"

Which year during the flood homes of neighboring villages with Brest floods the water. This year, the problems began in February. The water in the flood plain of the Bug in some villages rises very rapidly.

Nepli village, which is located about five kilometers from Brest, turned into a large lake, in the midst of which are at home. Water from the Bug River flooded the entire main street, home gardens, cellars. Tatiana, a local resident, says here now and ambulance does not get:

Swim here, quickly begin to sink

"Swim here quickly begin to sink. Hard the young and the elderly.'s How we suffer here. Authorities do not want to do it. Feeling that they need us. Here, five kilometers from the city, but the authorities do not need us. And who we then need? Who will help us? Nobody, it turns out ".

Last year, the village were on duty the Emergency Situations Ministry, the police. This year, it is not. The villagers are outraged, saying that the local administration would try to solve this problem, the more that promises to help were heard:

We promised to build a bridge. And where is he? …

"We promised to build a bridge. But where is he? Where is the money that was allocated for this bridge? Spend? Pipes laid, but the water carried them away. So, other measures are required. What we did, every year we live? Are we no technique not to solve the problem? But Alexander Lukashenko urges to go live in the village, said that would help. So help us. Why do not you help? "

To save the house from the flood, the owner took it to the hill

Basil, a resident of Nepli, using the technique dragged his house on the highest place where the water is almost looms:

"House tractors dragged by cables, as in the place where he stood before, ever was water. And so we raised the building, planted telephone poles and slowly dragged like sledding, my home here."

Vasily said the officials asked the question of when a problem will be solved with a high water. According to the rescuers, but in 2012 it is planned to build a dam. But, says Basil, plans — one thing and reality — something quite different:

"Where now excavated road, trying to make a bridge. Brought material, building even. But they have lain for about ten years until all pilfered. So there is no bridge, no roads, nothing."

Villagers say they can solve the problem. In the summer, when the water recedes, the river clean enough to hold channels. Many even say that they themselves will go to work and help in this:

"Suffice it to clean the river, put the pipe. And the water will no longer come here. Later fill dams, river water and this will no longer have to fill."

Each year the village of Brest Nepli about floods

The water rises to the house, the villagers are preparing for the worst

Almost every year the water fills almost the entire village

Main Street turned into a pretty deep river

Gomel Oblast

"We live on the island"

Earlier in the winter flood of Pripyat did not happen. At least the old-timers do not remember. In early February this year proved to be extremely warm — and the river overflowed. Burst its banks Pripyat.

Says representative Zhitkovichi regional meteorological station summaries, which monitors the water level in Pripyat, near the village of Chernichi:

"Unsafe levels — 500 centimeters. At the current level — пятьсот thirty-fifth the water rises slowly. Earlier it was 3-4 centimeters, now — one centimeter per day. Padtaplenni there — while small, but they are."

According to rescue services in the area because of the spill Zhitkovichi Pripyat th Stsvigi flooded more than 20 private farmsteads and farm buildings in 8 settlements — Veresnitsa, Povchyne, Zapyasochchy, Turov Ozeryany, churchyard Perarove, Hlupine.

Suffer from water and some yards along the Pripyat River and Petrikovsk area.

"In the shed water in the garage too, and piles with potatoes soaked"

Complains Mrs. Anastasia from the village Veresnitsa Zhitkovichi district:

"Absolutely we've got flooded — the barn go up on shore, it really needs boots. Here we have a garage, and water in the garage, and where the potato was buried in the garden. Potatoes moved into the hall so sushym. Guys village hired because we are old, are not worth anything. "

70-year-old vyaskovka said that the street of the School two dozen estates like on the island. This place is called — "The Island." Prevent people from Pripyat water could be a dam, which the authorities promised to build but did not:

"We need to make a dam. Zapesoche It goes from here to Veresnitsa, and more to hold on to her the way that goes to Malysz. We would then sit quietly. So they dug, dug, promised, promised, and then went to pieces of paper that someone something does not agree. And that's not true. When the flood, all agree that the dam did to us from the waters of the Pripyat isolate. To us it was easy, as long as we live. "

Street Day — the most problematic

Hope from the village of the same Zapesoche Zhitkovichi district also lives on the street problem, which is called May Day. Pensioner even newspaper refused to prescribe as the postman is difficult to get to her house. And it is also very easy:

"Here's another night — and you can not even go out to buy bread. So sit — no one came, not anointed. Mostsyats where at times it is not necessary, but to me — ever. GATILOV We all life here, lined up — now my grandfather died. Minsky machine that worked here pazvalakali all razdratavali so did the swamp. Here, from the edge of the house is worth, I had to pour around her. that year and agreed. A Delhi where the money that they have done? when the water began to arrive, the right here. "

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Emergency Situations in its situation report said that so far in the Brest and Gomel regions flooded more than 230 town houses and 200 garden plots, one hundred cellars, several sections of roads. On trips to the rescue to help flood-affected village official information there.

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