The water in the southern village (Altai region) is now cleaner and healthier


Tap water in the southern village of Barnaul will no longer smell of hydrogen sulfide, and the content of iron and manganese, it now matches the standards. This is related by March 1 representatives "of Barnaul water utility," said the completion of the investment project for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in the village. This is not the first in the province object associated with high-tech water purification. But, by far the largest.

In most apartments barnaultsev river water flows. But the village from time immemorial South artesian drinking. The excess of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide — a common problem of artesian water, says Dmitry Pavlyuchenko, technical director "of Barnaul water utility." Now, these impurities are removed, the water decontamination ultrafioletom.Hlora no longer, and the rate of turbidity decreased by 10 times.

About the terrible quality of the water in the village talked to at least 15 years old. In the 1990s, even discussed a draft translation of the South of the river water. Since then, the water utility Barnaul no time to change the operator. Three or four years ago in the South station was included in the investment program "Barnaul water utility" — a private operator in the group of companies "Rosvodokanal."

Michael Schneiderman,
CEO of the group of companies "Rosvodokanal":
In May 2011, installed the first column of an industrial building, and on February 1 was already taken the first test of the water.

Water treatment plant in the region is even more rare. But the pioneers in this case were not barnaultsy, in 2003, water treatment on the basis of Italian and German equipment was built in the village of Lake Annunciation Steppe region (due to the budget and the plant "Kuchuksulfate"). This object is still in operation — and unironing water, killing bacteria with ultraviolet light. Its construction cost then at 8-9 million, explained in the "Kuchuksulfate."

However, the extent, of course, the incomparable: a steppe lake water is used for drinking (by the way, it is free) and a water supply is not supplied. Also living here about 6.5 million people in the South — 25 thousand Yes, and the object in Barnaul is complex: in addition to the building with tanks, pumps and other equipment had to build more and substation, and water supply of 1.6 km from the remote well pad. As a result, the cost of the project — 149 million: this means investnadbavki plus bank loans. The project will pay off soon, after 20-30 years.

— The project will pay for itself through the health of people who will be drinking good clean water, — says deputy governor Vitaly Ryapolov.

— Can now the villagers to give up filters?

— I think so, although filters — a matter of habit — meets Michael Schneiderman. — I tried this water, it tastes good, without any odor.

— You're here at the station, tried or in an apartment?

— Here.

— But then the water will go through the old pipes …

— Iron is generally washed out gradually. We did a survey of inhabitants, the majority feel the difference.

Residents of Southern praised the facility, but added, would not hurt to have to clean and move the pipe through which water enters the apartment — and intra and in-house. The head of administration of Barnaul Igor Savintsev, by the way, explained that "Water" in the regulations laid relaying networks. But the wear and tear of networks today is so great that the amount should be increased to three or four times.



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