Time travel, the essence of light and Ascension

My friend wanted to do regressive hypnosis session after a series of disturbing dreams in which he was under some kind of attack or in a war zone. Also had several dreams about UFOs. The most recent of these beings of light vklyuchyal kidnapping, which he could not clearly addressed. After the sudden awakening of last sleep, he found red marks on his wrist, as if someone was holding his arm, and 2 identical puncture resembling a spider bite (photo attached).

Time travel, the essence of light and Ascension

Time travel, the essence of light and Ascension

Time travel, the essence of light and Ascension

Ligatures disappeared within a few minutes after waking up, but puncture marks still clearly visible three days later.

Sidenote: Double puncture the skin appears for the second time in my practice over the last 4 months. Another subject also reported a similar dreams and identical markings (on the left side near the edges, photo attached). He was able to explore their origins in a separate session of hypnosis. His vision, however, are slightly different from those described below and will be discussed later.

I regressed him in some of those dreams and? (To our surprise) came across some very interesting information which may help to explain the recent military preparations in the United States and many other items that are discussed on this site recently.

That's what it turned out during the session (Please keep in mind that the subjects in a state of hypnotic trance — not psychics, and do not make any prophetic predictions. They just report the data that is transmitted through them or subconscious telepathic communication from another entity. This data may or may not be a fantasy, in whole or in part)

1. Time Traveler:

In the first scene, which came after the induction of the subject, was his past life in the Renaissance in Florence, where he worked as a painter and lived with his father in a small house near the canal. Since this scene was shown to him for no apparent reason, I sent it "an important day of the life", which could contain a clue to the subject of our study. (As some of you know, the subconscious will always direct the entity so as to show a scene that has a direct relationship to what was discussed before the session, so I decided to take a more detailed study of this life and the reason for our stay here)
The day he met a certain man, which seemed to him not quite normal. He described him as a man, very different from the rest, with rough skin color of white marble (hereinafter — BKM, because he refused to give his name, saying that it is not important).
We were able to talk to this man (CTW), who told us that he was a time traveler, "arrived" in Florence from 2560 to inspire someone to a certain invention.
Given the approval of CTW that he is from the future, and so should know a few moments of our history, I decided to ask some questions about the immediate prospects of humanity, in particular about 2012.

Q: what is your physical age in 2560?
Answer: 324 years
Q: Can you tell us something about the history of the Earth in 2012?
A: This is a pivotal moment in the development of civilization. A large percentage of the world population will change, followed by the Beings of Light, which declared itself. This will lead to the fact that people who do not change will act against people who have changed.
Q: Can you give us a time frame?
A: In the next 4 months we will see a worsening in most people. those that will change. Some faster than others.
Q: What does "aggravation"?
A: Their physical condition changed. The physical density change.
Q: Well, physical matter is going to change its properties?
A: Yes, it is all interconnected.
Q: Well, how fast will be changes?
A: Eventually, they will be in for one night, maybe a couple of months, but in any case they will be visible. Some people have already begun to experience the changes.
Q: What are the first signs of these changes?
A: For each different, but early symptoms include dizziness, nausea, malaise, much like the flu, but in reality it is just your body changes, the density of the bones and organs. In other cases, it will be a good feeling, a feeling of happiness, joy and motivation.
Q: is the reason for which some change, and some do not?
A: Every survive this his own way. Not all prepared mentally. People who are in poor mental condition much worse it will be, than someone who is ready mentally … Who knows and is willing to change …
Q: Do you happen to know why the military plant in the U.S. at the moment, why the Ministry of National Security is buying so much ammunition? They are preparing for something?
A: Of course. They are preparing for war.
In: Civil War?
A: From the parts — the unrest in the country. But also between nations.
Q: What would cause a war?
A: Virus.
Q: virus? Izvechten this virus at the moment?
A: No.
Q: When will the flash?
A: Over the next few weeks, the first signs.
Q: It is artificial?
A: Yes. Military engineering.
Q: I have the name of this virus?
A: No title, but he will break out in different countries simultaneously.
B: Hmm, as a rule, the virus has a name, especially if it affected a large part of human history. Why can not you give us a name?
A: (subject talks about his vision) He just showed me something with the letter "R", but did not give me any names.
Q: Ok … and what it does, how it works?
A: He is unwell and is accompanied by deterioration of mental state, which irreparably.
Q: Do you mean like a zombie? ;)
A: No, it just makes people slow down, blunt. It is designed to suppress the function of the brain, which could help us to develop our next state to keep us under control.
Q: And the government created it?
A: Yes.
Q: they get help from the "supernatural" powers?
A: No.
Q: so the government know that we call ascension?
A: Yes, absolutely.
Q: And this is the rapture will begin within the next two months, if I understand you correctly?
A: Yes, it has already started, but so far very little evidence, there is nothing that would cause concern.
Q: Is there a history of a great economic crisis in 2012?
A: Yes, with the war coming recession in many countries and currencies.
Q: So it's just the Third World?
A: Yes. Blame will be placed on a number of different countries.
Q: What kind of weapons will be used?
A: Unfortunately, with the number of people who become infected will be used chemical and nuclear weapons.
Q: And when will we see this virus?
A: The first symptoms appear within the next two months, until the end of the year.
Q: Will the major natural disasters in 2013?
A: Yes. Many of the coastline will be significantly disrupted. Shorelines, and the city will be lost. The war itself and the type of weapon will drain much of what we call the ozone layer, causing climate change and severe accident.
Q: Will the fall meteorites?
A: No.
At the moment, BKM interrupted the conversation and said he had to leave us, adding that he finds us, if the need to post more information there.

2. Year 2036:
Saying goodbye to CTW, I sent the subject in a regularly recurring dream in which he dreams of war or concentration camp. Initially, nothing to do with our first meeting in Florence, the next stage was the continuation of our journey.
The subject was on the large courtyard inside the protected industrial zone, tight security at the entrance and exit. After a few minutes of research geographical area was the territory of France around the city of Lyon. I asked the subject to look at their hands to determine not whether we're viewing another past life. The answer was no — his hands were the same, indicating the current life / timeline.

People in sight were dressed in worn-out old clothes, but did not show any signs of disease, despair or other negative.
Subject met a woman whose name was Susanna, and who agreed to answer a few questions:
Q: Hi Suzanne. Can you tell us what this year?
A: 2036
Q: Ok … Can you tell us what is going on, why the subject came to the camp with you?
A: It used to be a quarantine zone. But then we just continued to live and work here.
Q: Quarantine zone from what?
A: From the virus.
Q: virus??
A: Yes.
Q: Can you give us the name of this virus?
A: It says that it is a virus that destroys the reality … ravings of some …
Q: Is … Can you explain his action?
A: She said that destroyed brain tissue … as if the knowledge and experience and memory erased … Activity of the brain develops in almost the opposite direction … back to childhood …
Q: Okay … But when she said that "it breaks the reality" that she has in mind? It destroys the personal reality of an infected person?
A: Yes
Q: When the virus breaks out?
A: The first signs were documented in 2012.
Q: However, I would like to know the name of the virus, I am sure that it must have a name.
A: Quite simply call it "the virus of reality" … it seems to be a common name here …
Q: How old Suzanne?
A: 24
In 24? so it must be born in 2012?
A: Yes.
Q: Okay … What distinguishes people who are inside the concentration camps, and beyond?
A: Well, people who are fully ascended by the time of the epidemic is not zarazimy. Only those who are not able to fully ascend infected.
Q: Is that Suzanne called "full ascension," what does that mean?
A: The vibration level, brain function …. Your body, your mind, your muscles, your senses … You're still as a physical being, but you are on a higher level.
Q: Okay … this process of ascension … how long it took?
A: she was born has ascended, as her mother was fully prepared for that moment.
Q: what day she was born?
A: December 12
Q: To this day the virus has already appeared?
A: Yes, a few cases
Q: How long did it take you to her mother?
A: About 6 months
Q: so she began in June?
A: Yes.
Q: How long did this change? …
A: They are still in 2013, about three quarters of the year.
In: The Great War broke out in 2012? and if so, it can give us some details? Dates, who struck the first blow, etc. ..
A: Yes. She does not remember, but it was near the end of the year. It was the Americans who attacked the Asians.
Q: Asians …?
A: Korea.
In: Korea? Hmmm … North or south?
A: Northern
Q: interesting .. and what did they beat them?
A: North Korea was one of three countries that have claimed responsibility for the engineering of the virus.
Q: They take responsibility or just be blamed, and then attacked?
A: No one knows. The charges were thrown from both sides. Koreans were told that the Americans made the virus, and then used it to justify attacks on them …
(From the conversation it is not clear how it was possible in such a short time to learn exactly how the virus has appeared, and especially those who created it. I'll ask this question in the next session)

Q: So what happens is entirely taken up with people if they are not part of the concentration camps?
A: This is not a concentration camp, it's just a haven for those who have ascended to stay together.
Q: But you said that there are guards ..?
A: This is a defense, as soldiers, designated members of the camp, who have some authority and control inputs and outputs. In a sense, it is a prison, yes, but you like would be in it.
Q: I wonder … We ended up in this place, in 2036, through your dream. I asked you to go back to sleep, and you here. Suzanne knows you? Does she know who you are?
A: Yes
Q: What is your role, what are you?
A: I went there in search of family members in 2015. Such camps have next to every major city …
Q: I see … Why do they need these camps? People suffering from the virus attack them?
A: No, but there is a military patrols … they catch those who ascended and experimenting … to find a method of healing … because ascended can not be infected …
Q: If I understand correctly, there are three groups: the Ascension, the military, and the rest of the infected population?
A: Right.
Q: I see … where and how they get their food?
A: They have underground gardens, about 50 meters at a depth under each camp …
Q: I wonder … Is the contact with other civilizations?
A: Yes.
Q: And they are present on the ground in 2036?
A: They were here for a long time, and then they came back.
As they were minded enemy?
A: No.
Q: Well, what was their purpose? Why do not they help us with the virus?
A: They have helped us to speed up the process of ascension …
B: Well, I would not call it ascension, when people are stuck in camps … it can comment on it? …
A: It says that those who have ascended they went on a mission several times over the past year to help those who are infected … to try to bring them back to a normal level of consciousness … anyone has not yet been …
Q: The people who are affected by the virus, they still breed?
A: Yes. but they act like children … how animals actually … primitive subspecies of people … You could call UTB caveman … semi-intelligent species …
Q: So you went there in 2015, looking for my family … did you find them?
A: No …
Q: she knows what happened to them?
A: No.
Q: Do you have a special role to play in all this?
A: I'm just one of the residents … I do not know anyone here from my current life …
Q: Can you ask Suzanne, what percentage of the population was Ascension?
A: About 40-50%. 20% of those infected … The rest are either still infected or were lost in the war.
Q: What was Ascension for Suzanne?
A: The physical boundaries or limitations disappeared … such as gravity …
Q: Does she can fly?
A: do not fly, but jump higher or soar … jump higher than usual in any case …
Q: What kind of transport do they use?
A: There are still some old money, but also anti-gravity device … they are very small, like a bicycle seat.
Q: mother to change its properties?
A: Yes. Climate change was also a reversal of the Earth … The density of matter has changed …
Q: This has advantages?
A: Yes, but also disadvantages. Low density in the material makes things weaker, more fragile, but also pushes the limits that were previously …
Q: So, if you take a piece of glass, for example, can bend a piece of glass with your fingers in 2036?
A: Yes. but only up to a point, then it is all the same to burst … The biggest changes have occurred in the organic matter … plants, wood, leather, water … physical properties have changed … skin, for example, has become tighter … The internal organs were lower density, so we need a protective layer of tightly … skin should compensate for the fact that the body has become more fragile …
Q: OK … In what year did these civilizations have an effect?
A: In the third month in 2013, approximately.
Q: And why do they appear?
A: to accelerate our ascension .. because the more people learn about themselves and their intentions, the faster they will change.
Q: What about the malevolent aliens, they are still present?
A: I do not see them in this time stream …
Q: What will influence those who ascend? What they do is eat, how they live, what they believe in?
A: The deal is valid only in the mental state, nothing more. Nothing physical. Physical condition will change regardless of whether they are ill or healthy, thin or overweight … If they are mentally ready and mentally if they take all that ascension entails, they will cook faster than the other …
Q: I see … From what you told me earlier about your hands, it does not look like you have aged to 2036. Suzanne can tell us what is happening with the aging process?
A: It says that it is rather strange process, a kind of … because those who were born ascended still age, but those who have reached the time of his ascension to start, grow old very slowly …
Q: ok .. A time travel was invented at this point?
A: Invented — no, met — yes.
Q: OK. as it has been achieved?
A: Astral travel
Q: Ok. She was already in the future itself?
A: No.
Q: who is actually involved in this? There is an organization dedicated to this?
A: No, just the people who are able to project themselves into drugoi times. but it requires preparation.
Q: What does Suzanne?
A: It is the cook.
Q: Ikak she feels in life, isolated in the camp, is there any sense in that?
A: This is all she has ever known, so it is nothing to compare …
Q: Well, old men, what they say?
A: She said that she had seen pictures and heard the stories of the past from people, but it is not particularly hurt. She is happy with her life … regardless of the situation, it just fills himself with light and love …
Q: Well, now I really have any more questions like that without training, and we have to move on in our session. Maybe she wanted to add something?
A: No.
Q: We will be able to see her again if we wanted to?
A: Of course.
Q: One more detail. You can look at his hands in 2036, in the astral plane, and tell me whether the EFTA are still traces of the two shots on the wrist?
A: (Rassmatrivet astral hand) Yes there is.
Q: Can you ask her if she knows what it can be?
A: Yes know. This is the mark … They were typical of those who have come to accelerate the ascension. It's just a trace left after sampling. Tissue sample. This is completely harmless.
Q: You said that you feel an object under the skin?
A: It says that it is only hard tissue implants are not …
Q: Well, then, we thank Suzanne and tell her goodbye.
A: It is forgiven …

3. Light Essence

After that, I sent the subject to the third and final stage — one of his last dream in which he saw the light beings, and after that his hand appeared a sign. He immediately fell into a dream and said that he was in his own bedroom. First he heard footsteps in the bed, and eventually three entities materialized beside him.

Q: How do they look?
A: As a blurry speck of white and silver light. They talk to each other, but I can not understand them, they have a different type of communication than ours … it is not even a word and not telepathy, just pulses of silvery light.
Q: Can you try to communicate with them?
A: He said he was not sure if I'm ready to do it …
B: Well, we just want to ask a few simple questions, we can try? or … comes a time when it will be possible?
A: They say that back in a few months … sleudet not worry, they will not hurt me …
Q: Can then one more question? We have a mutual friend, who also found similar marks on the body. They also visited and it?
A: Yes.
Q: It seems that we can communicate just fine … They come to people not under any circumstances, or they just do it by accident?
A: Only certain people who show signs of evolution … brain waves, vibrations … They have already visited about 10-15% of the population … plan to attend 40-50%
As they were with our other friends?
A: Yes, our friend XYZ … and they come to you, but could not get too close.
Q: Why not?
A: because you ekranirueshsya … you put the energy barrier around you …
Q: And how do I do it? How and why do I do this?
A: Yes … to protect themselves from negative energies … They are not dark, but your shield does not allow them to come close …
Q: Okay, but I do not know anything about this board … as it can be without my personal knowledge? I just shuffled light …
A: Well, this is it is …
Q: I see … Earlier in this session, we have seen the future, and also spoke to a time traveler. At least so we were told .. And the people we spoke with tales us the same story … Is this the only timeline that exists now?
A: This is the main line …
Q: And what is the alternative?
A: Alternatives depend on the result: when they prdut and show their presence, people either accept and understand them is right or wrong …
Q: and when they plan to do it?
A: In 2013,
Q: And it will fail, or are there conditions?
A: It happens
Q: they have names? Their civilization / federations / groups?
A: No, it's just a being of light …
Q: I see … I'm thinking we can deal with them later, returning you back to this dream?
A: Yes … but in any case, they will soon come again …
As they come to you again?
A: Yes … and to you ..
Q: The question is, whether we know about it, or it will remain in a dream?
A: I'll know about it … again they will take a sample of my skin … to see the level of progress in different cases …
Q: they can tell us more about this virus, which transforms reality? Who created, name, etc.?
A: We have created the Americans and the British … he did not know the name …
Q: OK, I understand … I have a question regarding another recent session where the subject reported that a portal will open in 2012. What are these portals?
A: of interdimensional portals. They are available only to those who fully ascended … those who find them first will show others.
Q: And where are the portals?
A: In the next dimension.
Q: And will they stay there or will close at the end?
A: They are closing a loop, but they are also available again. Some people might call them. A very small percentage … Only a handful of people …
Q: how do they work, we can leave the earth and go away?
A: Yes. And we can choose whether to stay in this dimension or go back.
Q: and how is it different from ours?
A: It is similar to what we know here, just suffering.
Q: it is parallel to the ground, the other land, or …?
A: Parallel … but we can travel back and forth …
Q: So, you can have two homes — one in the land, and one on the other?
A: Yes. Need to wrap it, I am very tired …
Q: Okay, no problem … they have anything to add to the conversation?
A: They say that you just need to stay positive, to the changes that will come … If you accept the changes, they will come faster. And rather than tell others to accept the changes, you need to focus on yourself, focus on the rise to a higher level, and then, as soon as you soar, you can help others.
Q: How can we do this?
A: Stay positive, happy … surround yourself with love and the people you love … People will be drawn to a close svom much stronger towards the end of the year.
Q: In another session, the person you were also tested, saw in a vision, something like an invasion. His exact words were, "They come in every 5,000 years to restart the planet. We belong to them." How can you say that?
A: This is not to restart the … They want us to do growing up, but with minimal intervention on their part. They come every 5000 years, sometimes they give us a little jolt, but other than that, they do not intervene.
B: Well, I think we'll wrap up, because (the subject) was tired, so I say goodbye to you guys, and I wish you all the best … Do you have something to add?
A: Yes. They say that we will see them soon. and we will see more of …
B: Well, I hope so, but when and how?
A: Very soon.
Q: I hate that word! :) "Soon" does not mean anything! "Soon" could mean 2,000 years. WHEN? Give me a date! :)
A: in a few months.
Q: after a few months I'll see them physically or in a dream?
A: Maybe so and so …
Q: haha, well … I happen to have a birthday is, so you guys can give me a gift is not it? :)
A: Anything is possible …


No matter what happened in this session, and whether you want to believe it or not, the information given here is worthy of our consideration, maybe, very consistent with many other data sources. Our time flows and their impact on the human race as a whole, as well as for each of us, individually, may overlap and shared, NOTHING decided not happen, the future is multifaceted!

But one thing is certain: our world is changing, whether we accept it or not. Take this information that resonates with your feelings and beliefs most and discard the rest. Your heart will tell you how …

I'll take a couple of sessions next week and in a couple of months. If you have any interesting questions you want to ask one of the three characters above, please do not hesitate.

Also, please advise if anyone noticed the traces of which photos are here.

Good luck to all!

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