TMP Voronezh plant has received an order for the biggest news in the world

April 1st delegation Shanxi (China) visited the three-day visit Voronezh region. As part of the visit was to finalize the formal procedure of signing a contract with the JSC "Tjazhmekhpress" for delivery to China four presses of 16,500 ton, 8000 ton, 1600 ton and 2100 ton.
Until now, the biggest in the world press was "a 14-ton crane."
In Shanxi, China has established the largest press-forging manufacturing, where JSC "Tjazhmekhpress" will be the main supplier of equipment.
Company Shanxi Forging Plant considered several options when choosing a manufacturer of presses, including in Germany, but his choice to stay at the Voronezh plant.
Assumed an order for 10 presses.


JSC "Tjazhmekhpress" — the only Russian producer of heavy mechanical presses, automated press lines, automated and mechanized systems for forging and sheet-stamping plants and one of the five companies in the world such a large production capacity.
In 2010, the first time in history on pressostroeniya of "Tjazhmekhpress" was created by the press force 14000 tonnosil.


Factory experts have prepared a new development — the press force 16500 tonnosil.
Machines with such force and power parameters like the world has never been done.

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