Today, February 11

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Snow …

…and blizzard. Temperature: -6 — 0 C.

Do not pass:

In the Supreme Economic Court hearing summons "Autoradio" to the National Commission on Television and Radio Broadcasting and the Ministry of Information. "Autoradio" asking the court to annul the Commission's decision to stop broadcasting on January 12, and the prevention of the Ministry of Information. Beginning at 11.00.


Japanese Foreign Minister Maehara Sadie in Moscow.

In Iran celebrate 32th anniversary of the Islamic revolution.


In 1807 was born Belarusian artist and composer Napoleon Orda (d. 1883).

In 1847, American inventor born in the field of electricity, Thomas Elva Edison (d. 1931).

In 1918, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was born, Russian writer and Nobel Prize in 1970 (d. 2008).

There is a reason:

World Day of the patient (introduced in the international calendar on the initiative of Pope John Paul II in 1992).

National Foundation Day in Japan (dated to the date of the first ascent to the throne of the Emperor of Japan in 660.)

MINUS 365:

Zametalin: On the "Belarusfilm" drink less and work more.

Quote to remember:

"If your computer speaks in English, it's probably made in Japan."
Alan Perlis, an American scientist in the field of computer technology.

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