Transcarpathian geyser

Transcarpathian geyser — the only Ukrainian. About Vuchkovoe geyser in the village in the Carpathian region there is no mention in the internet search engine Google.

Anyway, the word "geyser" in Ukraine found almost exclusively in the kit with a variety of "of" or "PE". On the one hand, it is not surprising — the natural fountains are usually characteristic of areas with active volcanoes, which in Ukraine, thankfully, is nowhere.

However, at least one geyser, no matter how seemingly strange country just is. Moreover, it is located in the Carpathians — the village in Vuchkovoe Mizhgirya area.

This village in the Carpathian Mountains has at least three interesting features. First, it is the longest road bridge length 91.3 meters. Opened it in 2006, and built since the floods of 2001. The bridge spanned the river.

But the most famous Vuchkovoe was due to the fact that is home to the famous bee karpatyanky. This type of honey insect was placed in the 60 years of Soviet beekeepers and drew his peace-loving, frost and hard work. A few years ago vuchkovtsy honored the memory of the insect, which glorified their village, setting up a monument.

The third feature of the village could become a real tourist highlight Vuchkovogo, DOE has become a symbol of careless human activity.

Geyser — a source that periodically emits into the air stream of water and steam. The most famous are in Iceland, Russia (Kamchatka), North America (Ellovstoun Park), New Zealand, Japan, and China.

"However, the Transcarpathian geyser — it's not quite what you imagine," — says local historian Alexander Bogdanov, who visited Vuchkovoe in search of natural wonder. What he saw his disappointment.

Geyser located in the tract Petrovec. This action is possible, if you walk from the monument bee towards long rocky gorge. Once upon a time, the stories of local residents, the local geyser is a natural fountain, 4 times a day are detonated a powerful jet of water to a height of 5-7 meters. The water was very hot and very salty — as Ropa. Therefore edge geyser by 30 inches were covered in salt deposits. People just come and break off pieces of itself salt.

That all changed in the early 90's, when arrived at the village on the instructions of geologists steel plant, which he intended to purchase the tract area and build a huge complex. The water from the geyser, apparently, was to go to a sanatorium on wellness font. Geologists have undertaken to establish diverting construction and probably broken something inside the geyser and the water ceased to beat, having gone through the pipe. The last bit extended, bringing to the brook. Since that time, the water has only through it horizontally.

After the collapse of the USSR the sanatorium building steel plant died down, and now there was great except that the foundation and mutilated geyser. Its water is cool and every three less salty. People say that it is now a stream of water hits every 20 minutes. Earlier, as mentioned, four times a day, and so exactly at the same time that the clock is checked against this. "Even now, although the geyser and crippled, throwing water is impressive. Photography is a transfer can not "- says Bogdanov.

That urochishe Petrovec further very popular among the local folk. In particular, and because on the other side of the brook — a source of mineral water rich in iron. People go wading, because the bridge washed away one of the floods, and gaining healing resin. "Sam was a witness, as the bus got there, out of whom the grandmother parishioners led by the priest, and then right near the geyser it tasted" — says Bogdanov. The water is from a natural fountain, do not drink, because it is still too salty. Although, they say, it is very beneficial to the stomach.

"It is unfortunate that the geyser did. Of course, it's not like the most famous in the world that shoots water and 100 meters up, but vuchkovsky has its advantages — it's ours, Transcarpathian "- sums up Alexander Bogdanov.

Perhaps, in Transcarpathia too many natural wonders, if such an amazing thing, as its own geyser, remains in our area is almost unknown. Although in recent years, businesses have revived in a lot of places to stay, which planned to build during the Soviet Union, and had not taken place in the country's disintegration. Perhaps, over time, some of the business travel industry, think of Vuchkovom and, finally, the construction of a local nursing home. And then our region to get another tourist attraction — Transcarpathian geyser.

Yuri Livak, "Verkhovyna"

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