Translations of Council Nibiruan. Formula of Compassion, the first multi-dimensional key Compassion

The Formula (Formula) is used to move you from the first level
recoding DNA to nine levels, reconnection and activation processes (PPA
process). It is also used after you reach the multi-sized to maintain this condition.

The formula allows you to move through enough of the lessons in your life
plan to achieve the bandwidth required for full consciousness. In other words, the formula increases the frequency of your body every time you use it for settlement and integration of fear associated with the conflict.

Lessons come to you packaged as conflicts. I found that I could not complete the process without PPA formula because formula has allowed me to remove the negative emotions of conflict of my physical / emotional bodies
promoting them through my heart in my high heart, converting it

Another benefit formulas — activates dormant psychic centers.
Every time you use the formula, you train these dormant centers. By the time you finish the activation of DNA, these venues will be ready for full use.

Things to remember when you use the Formula:

Experiencing feelings for you, express them at first verbally and physically,
then start to use the formula on the issue. Accommodation of these feelings and their physical expression of emotion raises through the heart chakra to the Higher Heart Chakra, where they will be converted and released. Heavy, low frequency emotions — the fuel that is transmuted through the High Heart in a higher frequency of compassion (acts as the incinerator), passing flow through your body like the orgasmic discharge of energy and at the same time altering your DNA.

You will continue this cycle of raising old issues as well as contact with
new lessons using keys Compassion until you clear enough
have finished reinstalling your 12 DNA. Afterwards, you will continue to be cleaned emotionally, in order to complete the lift, but now you will have
support for new neural pathways and related healthy behavior patterns.
Recovery is now scheduled to be completed around 2012. Now let's go on to the nine steps of the Formula.

Nine Steps formula is:

Step One: The Lesson
What is the lesson I wanted to learn about this man and the conflict that we both feel?

Ask your higher aspect / soul, angels and spiritual guides to help you. Ask them to show you a lesson you want to learn. It will be in your life plan. Your life plan — your roadmap in your current incarnation. It contains all the lessons, contracts and major events for your present incarnation, along with the people involved in them.

Step Two: Contract
What is the contract that I signed with this person?

Ask to be shown the contract (s) that you signed to learn this lesson. To release any one person, using the formula, ask about the contract, which belongs to you and that person. There are usually a lot of contracts with many people to learn the same lesson. The ratio of contracts to lessons varies depending on how long and how many lifetimes you tried to learn this particular lesson. The more incarnations, the greater the current incarnation is contracted for this lesson.

Remember that no one will agree to sign a contract with you, if he (they) also does not need to learn the same lesson. In some cases, the other person in your contract — in order to explore the downside lesson.

Step Three: The Role of
What is the role of the man who plays his / her part of the contract?

Ask to see and understand the role you play and the role that the other person
plays in the contract. Ask for help in understanding how the role will look like if
they will finish before the end. For example, I can imagine the scene itself-just as an actress, and the other as an actress / actor. It helps me to see more clearly the role, because I'm able to view their behavior as a theatrical performance.

Step Four: Aspect
What aspect of myself this man reflects back to me?

Once again, ask for help in the monitoring and understanding of aspects of yourself, of what the other person is reflecting back to you. He — your mirror, reflect aspects of yourself through his behavior. I have always found that the most difficult step to perform. It calls for the most severe of honesty with oneself, but it is worth the effort.

Sometimes, instead, to reflect an aspect of your behavior, they reflect something
that you condemn. Example: someone stole something from you. You can not be a thief, but you condemn theft or people who are thieves.

Step Five: The Gift
What a gift this man does to me, playing his role?

Ask for help to the vision and understanding of the gift that the other person is doing to you, playing a role. Value, which I mentioned earlier — the value of a gift, and a gift — a lesson learned.

Check Process

Once you have completed the first five steps, you should feel a wave
compassion and gratitude to others involved in the conflict / contract.
Otherwise, start the process again.

Sometimes it takes several tries before we finally learned the lesson, we worked with. I usually find that the lesson is over, when she got a warm feeling in my heart. This can be likened to a strong sense of knowledge, similar to the Ah Ha!

Final Four steps are used to complete the cleansing and release of negative emotional / debris from the physical body into the higher heart chakra.

When I think about the higher heart chakra, I guess invisible device shaped like a cone, fit in my auric field. It is connected to my physical body above the heart and below the clavicle. When I use the formula, this device opens so that transmute energy / compassion can move through it.

This — my understanding that higher heart chakra fulfills the same function as the system excretory organs in the body. Both function as
eliminating unnecessary / toxic waste. The only difference — that physical system eliminates the dense physical waste, and higher heart chakra subtle eliminates waste.

Step Six: Adoption
Can I take the role of the man, with all his actions in order
to help me learn this lesson?

Acceptance — one of the four elements of unconditional love. Adoption — part of compassion and unconditional love in action. It also includes the acceptance of who the person is, without judgment. I find that when I have difficulty with this step, what helps me — it's when I think that they — the soul in the body as well as I do, and we help each other with the lesson.

Step Seven: Allowing
I can not afford to let go of my anger at the man who played the role for
In order to help me to learn a lesson?

Permission — and one of the four elements of unconditional love. Permission —
part of compassion and unconditional love in action. This includes allowing
person to be who he is and follow his chosen path, no matter what you feel in doing so.

Usually, by the time I reach that step, I find it very easy to let go of my anger at the man because I feel gratitude and compassion that comes from seeing the pain he suffered while playing a role for me.

Note: Allowing easier to do when we let go of the need to control
someone else's behavior or choices for their own good. We tend to control people out of fear that their actions will damage them and / or us. If we understand that everything has a value, then we can begin to let go of our need to control, because we understand that there will be value in each result.

Step Eight: Release
I can release that person from guilt?

This is easy when you understand that you are not a victim. In contrast, you — an active participant in the contract, and the lessons you also helped set up.

Taking responsibility for your side of the contract allows you to free
another person from the guilt in the role that he played to help you learn the lesson you would like to pass. You understand that, just like you — not a victim, he — not a villain. Devin, my 9D guide, told me many times that it is much harder to play the role of a villain, you play the role of hero.

Liberation from guilt someone different from his forgiveness. Forgiveness whom — that
is what we do when we feel that someone they have sinned against us, being in the role of victim.
Release (release) — a key element in the formula. Release is your compassion for the other person.

Step Nine: Kindness
Now, when I release this man, if I can be kind to him / her, and if so, how can I do this and when I do this?

At this point you have to feel the intensity of production through higher heart. I find that the degree of feeling is different depending on the emotional intensity of the problem. The more emotionally charged was the problem, the more intense

I found, like others, this step is the most emotional step. I was filled with gratitude and compassion, when I reached this stage and my only thought was how to make amends and repay the contractual partner.

Now, when you feel gratitude and compassion, freeing other
Rights of guilt and anger, and you realize that you can be kind to him now, you — at the end of the formula. The final two parts to Step Nine:

a) How will you show your kindness, and

b) When you do this?

These last two are very important, and I encourage you to complete them as quickly as possible, as the process is completed, as long as you do not do. Letter or phone call to man to say thanks for the lesson — this is what you need. I
found that the result of the lesson that I have mastered, goes a long way in healing the pain that we both felt.

Warning! Do not carry out its contractual partner in Formula. He does not understand you, and usually gets angry and takes the position of the defense, until he finds out about Formula too.

The change in energy

Once you have completed the formula — it's time to do something with the contract. Contract — energy, like everything else, so you can change its shape into that — anything else about as well as you work with Leggos.

I usually see the contract internally, breaking into a thousand particles of light energy, and then send that energy to whom at the time ill to assist in his healing. In other cases, I'm adding this energy to the one I created,
for the manifestation of one of my wishes, for example — a new house or anything else. You can also transfer this energy to another manifestation of his desire.

In any case, in this case, you can play with the energy from the contract and to be creative. The positive end of a painful lesson, what do you think?

I hope this summary and the Formula steps will help you make
appropriate choices for you.

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