Translations of Council Nibiruan. Part 1

The history of the Galactic Federation

Flagship Federation Pleiadian, Nibiru
It seems there is a lot of conflicting information circulated regarding Nibiru. As a result, I'm getting one the same questions over and over. Next — my attempt to understand this information and place it in the proper perspective. Most of what has been sent from other sources — truthfully. The only problem is, if this information is taken out of context and is expressed as a general statement, when the information is really only a small proportion of treatment or population Nibiruan. I'll explain … Jelaila

What is Nibiru?
Nibiru — 4 hmernoe flagship of the Galactic Federation of the Milky Way Galaxy. As on Pelegai, many different civilizations have representatives that live aboard Nibiru. As the flagship of the Federation, Nibiru is a planet and a military star. Nibiru — a little more than three times the size of Earth.

Nibiru was originally a planet that was thrown out of orbit with the implosion / explosion of Sirius B. This led him to the Pleiades and therefore is known to some as the planet Pleiadian.

Nibiru became a star ship, when it was converted from an almost lifeless form in the hollow interior of the vessel. You could liken it to some extent the space station on a TV show called Deep Space Nine. The only difference — is that Nibiru travels the galaxy. That is why people live in, not on the surface. Another reason — the fact that it was designed to travel in deep space, where there is no sun for many years. In a sense, you could say that it is — an artificial planet. Only the shell is original.

Nibiru — military star, because it is outfitted for war with ships and heavy weapons. When negotiations fail, Nibiru is capable of military action to defend themselves against attack. He also uses this same weapon to protect the planet and race against attack when authorized to do so.

What color is Nibiru?
Nibiru — the red planet with a golden hue. As a result, it appears as a bright yellow-gold star when it can be seen from the ground. Brightness Nibiru partially created with gold dust, concentrated in its atmosphere. This gold dust is used to maintain the atmosphere of Nibiru and fill the holes in its atmosphere that were caused by nuclear missiles, which shot him during the last Great Galactic War, in which he was involved and seriously damaged. Gold reflects radiation from space and protects creatures from the ship of death.

Incidentally, this was the same war in which Maldek was destroyed Nibiru after the opposing forces destroyed the colony on Mars, Venus and Earth. If you want to know more about this war and the reasons for which Maldek was destroyed, you will find this information in the book We — Nibiruans .. The biosphere of Mars and Venus was also destroyed along with their colonies, both planets were devastated. In ancient times Nibiru was symbolized as the eight-pointed star mainly because of its brightness. The Egyptians called it "the bright star of intersection."

Nibiru has rings?
Yes, it is — my understanding that Nibiru has rings such as Saturn. He uses them as a kind of system of propulsion. They move through space Nibiru. Rings move in opposite directions from each other and up and down like the wings, but the wings move in opposite directions. I am not a scientist, and therefore I find it hard to describe what I see. There is a term for this, but I do not know at this time.

Why do some people call Nibiru a red comet?
I believe that this is due to the fact that Nibiru has an orbit and for a time was limited to the orbit, when it restructured in 2000 BC Additionally, Nibiru, as it appears in the orbit, because it circulates throughout the galaxy. But this can be changed from its normal rotation whenever it is necessary for a particular purpose. Once again, we have to look at the historical orientation of the people who say so. It may very well come from the time when their ancestors knew that Nibiru was in constant orbit, just like the other planets in our solar system. They are accurate in their statement, but only as it pertains to that specific period. This does not apply to general statements.

Is Nibiru — Brown Dwarf?
Many scientists speculate that Nibiru — dark star or "brown dwarf." Brown dwarf — a star that never accumulated enough mass to ignite. Nibiru may be classified as a brown dwarf, because it was either a planet or a star before he was removed from the Sirius star system with the implosion or explosion of Sirius B. Since I'm not sure what it was, I have no problem with scientists, mark it as a brown dwarf. They can only work with what they know how to present . Only time will tell how he is.

Since Nibiru is approaching, it will create confusion and flourishing of radical theories as scientists and mankind in general is closely linked with the mystery of Nibiru. This will be one more way in which Nibiru will play a role in the awakening of humanity to what is going on.

Who lives on Nibiru?
There are many races and civilizations represented in the population aboard Nibiru. Some are more prevalent than others. Some — hominoid, some — reptilian, some — insectillian, some android, etc. Some even like a hairy monkey. There are literally hundreds of races and hybrid varieties represented in the population of Nibiru. Once again, I refer to Deep Space Nine and also Star Trek.

Each group of beings has to stay that simulate their natural environment. Such as representatives of the dolphin live in aquatic environments, while reptiles live in a hot and humid environment. People live in an environment very similar to our Earth. Octopus like beings live in tanks made especially for them and so on. Since Nibiru — almost 4 times the size of Earth, there are a lot of areas to accommodate. Some groups have developed into entire civilizations, and, as a result, do not return to their home worlds as often as others.

And just like in your country, there are factions within these races with differing interests. Some work for the betterment of all and some do not. One faction may be in conflict with a particular race or with any of it. They have disagreements and prejudices, positive qualities and undesirable traits in the same way as we do.

These different races have family members (channels) on earth, and the channels share the information with us?
Yes, yes, yes! This — is where is a big mess. For example, there are several channels that receive information that Nibiru wants to take over Earth and enslave the people. In this case, one must ask, "What is the individual group, leading to channeling starship Nibiru wants to do that?" It does not mean that everyone on Nibiru wants to do it.'s Like saying that the Ku Klux Klan represents all white people on land, and therefore seek to destroy all the white of blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and every other culture and race that Ku — Klux — Klan does not approve. You see what I mean?

These channels are informed of their individual groups aboard Nibiru. This does not mean that the beliefs of a group and its agenda are population Nibiru just as those of the Nazis, and their agenda do not represent those of the Aryan population.

Yes, there are small groups aboard Nibiru, who want to take over the Earth, and they are mostly, but not all — Reptilian, but they in no way represent the majority of people on Nibiru, no Prime Directive Nibiru to Earth. There are also small groups of people here on Earth, who want to take over Earth. I refer to the James Bond movies, but that means you, that they represent our views?

If we can stop thinking about other planets and civilizations as only bad or good with only one system of belief or faith, then we will end with a lot of fears, which are produced by our ignorance. And let us keep these proposed agenda in the future.

What is the purpose of Nibiru?
Nibiru has a lot of goals. I will highlight a few of them:

1. Keeper of the world — the main common goal Nibiru — goal of galactic peace keeper. Since responsibilities in peace keeper Nibiru much. One of the most important responsibilities is to travel the galaxy and negotiate treaties and alliances among the many developing and advanced races. This includes the peace talks between the warring races.

2. Genetic Upgrading — Negotiating peace sometimes involves using the laboratories aboard Nibiru, to create a new hybrid race. These new races and race past the genetic upgrades in some cases, provide the means to end the war, as many wars were started because of genetics. Similarly, as children need to learn, just learn and develop race.

In races that are ready to be introduced into the galactic community, genetic upgrading is facilitated through the process sending the planet. That is why there are many people who are writing books on DNA Recoding, providing a variety of processes and gathering workshops to provide training and support. Beings who send the information, in most cases, the members of the Galactic Federation, and they also have the "star children" in the world, which they are trying to help.

This also explains why there are many different techniques being given for DNA Recoding. Each race has genetic characteristics and recoding their DNA may require certain processes that are not required by other races. But in all cases, some things are the same. Emotional clearing — the key to DNA Recoding, and this is true for every race represented in the world.

3. The job of the Galactic Federation to control the rise of the planet. Although the main operations of any planetary recovery plan located at the headquarters of the GF in a star system Sirius, the ability to have an orbital satellite office makes many tasks much easier and more efficient. Since the orbit of Nibiru crosses our galaxy and it is a key flagship Global Fund, is a great place to organize and carry out recovery program for planets and civilizations associated with the GF. Since most of the planets in our galaxy seeded races, members of the Federation, which may not be in close proximity to the planet, a star ship available to perform critical tasks such as genetic upgrading is vital to success.

The program is coordinated through the rise of the Earth Nibiru zvezdnozaseyannoy each race, which has a representative on many boards Nibiru. With the Council, working to finalize our plan recovery, we are in good hands and can rest assured that all measures are taken to protect and ensure our success and possible entry into the galactic community.

4. Command and control centers for the "star children" and "vice". — Among the many responsibilities of Nibiru — training, support and guidance of the "star children" and "alternate" .. For "Vice» Nibiru provides mission plans and directs support staff to monitor and protect the soul, sent by the Earth. For the "star children" — they provide guidance on which templates should be created to assist their home worlds in their spiritual development to the next stage.

One can say about a beautiful environment with moving sidewalks, slender columns in Greek style and singing, telepathic dolphins (some of which walk upright) on Nibiru, where "vice" and "Star Children" study. Many messages transmitted in the classroom in a state of sleep. Although it is common among Grey and Zeta abductees and the court are different, Nibiru also has classrooms. The distinction that is available — often setting. This is — a very serene atmosphere with music and play of colors. Very peaceful. I go there in a state of sleep, I do not want to go back.

Who is under the control of Nibiru?
Nibiru receives orders from the Central Command Chief Nibiruan Council of the Galactic Federation. Chief Nibiruan Council, as we have said, has been created to work with the responsibilities of management and responsibility GF. This includes the appointment of the various Federation ships, one of which Nibiru — Flagship Global Fund. This means that every time Nibiru was appointed to the planet or star system, the order he received from the Global Fund.

Nibiru is in essence a field office just like Deep Space Nine was a field office of the Galactic Federation in the TV show. I can not remember what they called it GM.

What role does Nibiru play in our rise?
Nibiru remains our trigger for awakening. Once it is close enough to us and show himself, it will cause a shift in universal consciousness. Mankind then aware of the fact that they are not alone in the universe and begin to look for the cause and the purpose of this great planet / ship. Then the ancient knowledge suppressed by the religions and governments of the earth, to control the people, will come to light. The true origin of humanity will know and this information will be able to cover the entire planet.

Nibiru effects already being felt. Because of its massive size Nibiru is already affecting our weather, our planetary frequency and our sun. Once again, I am not a scientist, so I can not give you this information in the right terms. I'll give you what they show me.

Nibiru affects our sun. Due to the pressure shown by its mass moves closer to us, creating pressure on the sun. This pressure is like compression tomato until it starts to break. These breaks — solar flares and the emission from the sun. Sun changes and emits more light. It looks like going from a 75 watt bulb to light bulbs of 150 watts. This changes our DNA and activates the dormant codes in order to begin the transmutation of our bodies from carbon-based to crystalline.

Despite the discomfort, this transformation is necessary to move to a higher dimension that is 5D.

Where is Nibiru now and when he comes back?
Nibiru is in our solar system and sent to Earth to its normal path through the galaxy. That is why we feel its impact. NASA and other governmental groups know this very well. Nibiru was first identified by our scientists in 1987. We felt its effects since 1996.

As for when he comes back, I will state again that it depends on us. Nibiru is waiting, so we pulled our heads out of the sand, so to speak, and recognize that we are not alone in the universe. When enough people reach this level of understanding, Nibiru will show itself. This could be in the next year, or in 2003, 2005, 2010, or 2012. We hope at the latest, it will be by 2012. Thus, once again, we are changing and when we get to the critical mass of Nibiru will serve us and help in our ascent. That is why the GF sent him to this remote nebolshoyugol galaxy. It is time for us to rise to galactic citizenship. Nibiru is here to help us, as it helps all other planets undergoing the same process, and will continue to do so for many millions of years. And who knows, maybe one day you will be on this ship on the way to the next planet, ready to rise.

"Integration of Polarity" — Universal Game

"The integration of polarity" means the integration of two opposites. In our universe the game for development of the soul is called "Polarity Integration" and the fact that we are here together — these two opposites, Light and Darkness.

Light can be described as love, joy, happiness, and all the emotions associated with the upper chakras. Darkness can be described as fear, anger, guilt, shame, and all the emotions associated with the lower chakras.

Light is "reward", joy, happiness, bliss. Darkness is the "lesson", a challenge. Emotional / physical pain, and the emotions of fear and anger — that we need to learn to evaluate as part of the lesson.

Compassion — the purpose of the game. Compassion — the integration point, the middle point between the two opposites. When the soul reaches true compassion, it feels acceptance of both parties, not judging any one as good or just bad. Achieving compassion or integration means that the soul sees the value as of Light and Darkness, and want to have both in balanced parts, as part of herself.

Every soul in this universe is playing a game Polarity Integration to achieve spiritual development and a possible reunion with the Divine Creator, the Source of All.

One of the greatest challenges of the Polarity Integration Game — find the value of the dark. Darkness — building schools and classes — lessons we wish to learn, to achieve balance both sides to yourself.

Another big challenge — our belief that we want to stay in the Light. Light is like a vacation on a tropical island. This is — an escape from the stress and strain of spiritual growth. We never intended to stay only there because the stay only light is polarized to it.

Polarization or to the Light or the Dark leads to stagnation of spiritual growth. It also eliminates the ability to produce offspring, as the physical form then partially emotionally shut down. Requires a balance of both polar opposites, to be able to produce without a problem.

To accomplish our goal, we all play roles that are dark and roles that are lighter. Otherwise, we can not unite, because we would not have had the experience of these opposites.

We achieve our spiritual development, embodied in different planetary schools. Planetary schools have varying degrees of free will and, thus, provide different levels of authority. Earth — planetary school with total free will, thus enabling souls incarnating here to experience the full extent of their creations and choices. Planets with this degree of freedom of the will is called "The Great Experiment." In our universe was only two of these.

We, the people of the Earth, have now reached the end of our planetary game. We must now open up our memory banks to remember the rules of the game.

We have codes of compassion in our DNA, and higher dimensional tools are given to us to enable us to achieve compassion. Nibiru returned to run those dormant codes and open up our memory.

We will achieve integration? Our choice, and if we do that, our planet will move up dimensionally, and the rest of the universe will follow us.

"Star Children", "Vice" and Lightworkers

"Star Children"

Not everyone in the world — from the Earth. There are those who are here from other planets and civilizations in this and other universes. And though they go into human bodies, in truth many have forms that are not human.

Many "Star Children" feel that this is true, but they have no information to confirm this. Many are drawn to animals and other forms of life on Earth, which, in fact, closely resemble their true form. For example, some are very drawn to dolphins and there is a race of beings called Nommos, who live on a planet in the Sirius star system.

There are other factors that indicate the identity of "Star Children". Here is a list of some of them.

1. They have an intense sense of loneliness.
2. They feel that they do not belong to their earthly family.
3. They have an inner connection with the stars and feel as if their home — there, but they can not
remember where.
4. They begin to question the ways of earth at an early age. Many — the "black sheep" in their families.
5. They are drawn to metaphysics seeking answers to why they feel so alone and why they seem to be ill-suited in the world.
6. Many have sopernicheskie relationship with the parent of the opposite sex.
7. Most of the "Star Children" has the shape of the face of their mother, but the rest of the physical body like their fathers, or vice versa, depending on which parent is the real, ie parent himself "Star Child", not from the planet. This is done for a reason.
8. Most of the "Star Children" is crystalline gene for conversion / boost DNA. Crystal gene enables them to easily enter into relationship with the beings of other dimensions as well as recode their DNA.
9. Lower than normal body temperature and inability to handle the heat.

"Star Children" have at least one parent who is not on the Earth. In other words they have one parent who is their real parent and the other, a surrogate parent. Surrogate — usually their earthly father, but not always. Sometimes it is — their mother .. And just in case, if you are concerned, there is always a contract made between the earth parent and the real parent, before the "Star Child" is born to human parents to help, for a real parent — to love and nurture the "Star Child". In many cases, human parents — he "Star Child".

"The Star Child" is more like a human father, to ensure that it will be adopted by a parent at birth. In most cases, the father of the "Star Child" is not of human origin.

"Star Children" can be found here on earth as representatives of their civilizations. Their goal is to create templates that can be used by members of their home world to overcome some social issue that hinders their spiritual evolution as a soul group.

I was told that 144,000 civilizations have sent some of their people to the Earth as a "Star Children". These civilizations closely watch their beloved children while they are here on Earth. Real parent, "The Star Child"-a parent, usually a guide for his child while the child is on Earth. This — my understanding that this is — why so many "Star Children" have experienced a visit from a young age. Their family in their home world uses many ways to communicate and support the communication of love and commitment to their family member on earth. This is also why so many civilizations have ships around the Earth right now. They have family here and therefore have a vested interest to observe how the Earth is rising.

"The Deputy"

"The Vice" — people from other dimensions that are included in the human body here on Earth. In all cases there is a signed contract before the host, the original soul, is born in order to make it happen.

"The Deputy" use this method to enter the Earth plane when their mission requires undertakings soon after they arrive. Their mission requires, and they miss the birth and the young stage and enter into an adult body. But it is — not always. Some of the "deputy" part of a much younger body, but it — more the exception than the rule. When the soul, "Vice" comes into the child's body, it is because this soul need experience of childhood and adolescence as a basis for its mission. Children and young souls, "Vice" is usually not awaken until they reach adulthood.

Signs of "Vice":

1. Usually substitution occurs during a traumatic event in the life of the host body, a serious illness or a car accident. Many are within a close death experience. This — the most common way for "deputy" to swap places, but this is not the only way. Yet, in most all cases, substitution occurs when the owner of the body is in a state of unconsciousness.

2. They suddenly lose or almost lose touch with some family members.
3. Divorce usually occurs within 3 years after the "Vice" arrived.
4. Ongoing physical pain in the neck and shoulders, which was not before the replacement.
5. Loss of coordination and memory errors. Problems with speech.
6. A sudden change in taste to food, clothing and decor.
7. Sudden loss of interest in career and hobbies. New found along with the sudden interest in
all spiritual things.
8. Strong knowledge of what they need to accomplish something, even though they may not remember what it
is at present.
9. Some of the "Vice" have the memories of their home world or ship. They may even have a memory of their doinkarnatsionnoy form, supported by form … that is far beyond our understanding.

10. "The Deputy" usually carry Crystal Gene.

"Alternates" have a catalytic role in the world, because they spent most of their lifetimes on other planes of existence, and then came to Earth in the mid to later part of that incarnation.

Light workers — people who have chosen search of spiritual knowledge and have made the choice to do their part to help the Earth and humanity in their rise.

Lightworkers — a term, which marked those who are actively on the spiritual path. Not all Lightworkers — "Star Children" or "Vice", and not all of the "Star Children" and "Vice" — Lightworker. This happens when a person makes a conscious choice to start his spiritual journey and help others, so they too are Lightworkers.

Lightworkers — also a term that can be used to describe the Etheric Sirian and the human soul group Orion. This group was the remnant of the people Lyran, who survived the first big galactic war. For more information, see the We — Nibiruans, Return of the 12th Planet.

Tools for Your Mission

Rapid DNA decoding process and Multidimensional Keys of Compassion was given 9D Council specifically to help "Star Kids", "deputy" and Lightworkers. These tools allow you to quickly complete the rewiring of your physical bodies and achieve multidimensional consciousness so that you can then turn around and help others do the same. Although it is offered for all who wish to rise, they are specifically designed for those who have come here with a mission to help the earth and its people through their rise to the fifth dimension.


Carians — race-like birds Beings. In its most developed state ruling class Carians reminds people with similar features and eagle painting.

As Felines, Carians first arrived in this universe, when it was being created. Group 45 came at the invitation of the Founders of the world, to assist and oversee the Universal Game.

The Founders gave the Carians a new planet in the constellation Orion for their home. It was a tropical climate and had an abundance of wetlands and humid jungle. She also had more islands than large land masses.

As Felines, they were essential and, therefore, had to develop the physical bodies of the forms of life developing on the planet's surface. Of course they chose the life form that becomes a bird and for hundreds of thousands of years they have bodies of different sizes and colors.

Carians were known for their unique proximity to the colored plumage and so created physical bodies that reflected their creative talent in this area. That is why the Carians have much more variety in size, shape and color in their race than Felines. They can be 12 feet tall or just a few inches.

As Felines, a group of original 45 Carians remained etheric and became the Council, which monitor and control the development of their brothers and sisters who want to incarnate on the planet to upgrade their physical forms.

When their physical bodies have reached a certain level of development, they began genetic crossing (something that they learned from the Felines) with certain reptiles that evolved in the swamps and warmer areas of the planet. The result of this genetic program was the creation of a new hybrid race known to us as the Draconians. They were part reptile, part Carian.

Over time, Draconians became prevalent in the royal line of Aln to the purebred Carians. And Felines, eventually Aln House was inhabited more Draconians, and their first derivative — flying serpents (snakes) than Carians.

By the time of the First Earth Grand Experiment House Aln headed winged serpent, known as Cobazar. Cobazar — father Jehowah.

Carians are known for their sharp analytical skills and organizational skills. The dominant trait Carians — they always need to maintain a good image. They are — a good team player until the team discipline and strictly adheres to the code of conduct.

You will find superior Carians involved in the creation and maintenance of stargates, interdimensional grids and magnetic fields in our galaxy and the universe. Their innate analytical skills make them suitable for this kind of work.

They are also known for their militaristic capabilities and their star ships are more advanced than any other in the universe. They kept most of the military posts during the First Earth Grand Experiment. The team, which operates an extensive fleet of star ships and cruisers for the Lyran Galactic Federation and the Royal House Avyon and Aln was Carian.

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