Translations of Council Nibiruan. Part 2

Felines — one of the two primary races in our universe. They arrived here by invitation of the Founders. Successfully completed their Universal Game and completing their universe, a group of 45 Felines voluntarily come to this world, to help set up and watch the game itself is the same here.

Felines — two-legged race, an increase of about 12 — 16 feet. Their skin is covered with a kind of soft down, and while they do not have fur, they do have manes and both men and women have long hair.

The range of eye color from blue to them gold and can change from blue to gold as they mature. The color of the eyes can be returned from dark golden to light.

By the nature of Felines warm, cheerful and intelligent creature. As they get older they become more restrained, introspective and gentle. Elders are respected for their wisdom, compassion and understanding.

As a race they are extremely close-knit and well carry on their game. Women are respected and have equal status with men. And all the creatures of the cat family, they are very curious and inquisitive.

As part of the Universal Game, the Founders gave the Felines a new planet in the constellation Lyra for their home. Felines named it Avyon. This is not the exact pronunciation and spelling, but it's close enough. Real name can not be translated into English.

Avyon was a paradise planet with mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans. This blue planet was very much like our earth in the diversity of life forms and vegetation.

When the Felines arrived, they were in etheric form, and therefore, have passed the stage of development of the physical body, to live on the planet. After many millions of years they have developed the physical form of a lion and other felines and began incarnating into those forms.

Under the plan, part of the original Felines stayed in etheric form to provide guidance to those in which they are embodied. They were the equivalent of your modern Beings Christos. Remember, it was a three-dimensional planet, and as soon as essential Felines incarnated, they fell under the veil of amnesia, which is part of a three-dimensional world of free will.

Time passed, and through countless incarnation cycles Felines evolved a line of felines that walked upright and retained the consciousness of their etheric copies through periodic incarnations of some of the essential Felines and DNA from a bipedal mammal, like a monkey, which developed on the planet as well.

With DNA from such monkey mammal Felines were able to take over such a person's body, keeping most of the facial features and other features of Felines. It was from this crossing when it reached a certain stage, there was a genetic line, known as the Royal Line Avyon, or House Avyon.

Felines essential to keep coming back, to ensure not only the modernization of the DNA, but also training in higher dimensions leaders that their planet is not bound brothers and sisters stuck in a cycle of incarnation in human animals. As you can see, Felines Avyon evolved in much the same way as humans evolved here on Earth. The only difference — the fact that people are really stuck in a cycle of animals.

Conscious Felines in due time became numerous enough to take the responsibilities of planetary guardians of their home world. They continued to grow and eventually developed the technology for space travel and then changed its form. Their ethereal brothers and sisters continued to act as their guides.

Many of them became geneticists (main specialty Felines) and helped develop the various forms of life to the planets and stars in the universe. Some of them became great space explorers and scientists of various kinds.

It was during this stage in their development Felines noticed bipedal mammal that they were so obliged, and began to develop a program of genetic crossing and upgrading that would give these creatures the soul, and, as a result, create a new species, which became known as people.

After numerous crossings and genetic upgrades Adamic man was created. There were two types of the human species — red-haired look, which is stronger and more energetic, and the platinum-blonde look, which is more good-natured and introspective.

After thousands of years of careful breeding and a long crossing, Felines / human hybrids began to be more common in the royal line of Felines, House Avyon, than purebred Felines. That was the plan.

Over time purebred Felines were the ancient ancestors of humans, genetic traits that resembled the relationship between them. Although the genetic relationship between the Felines and Humans forgot to modern man, Felines remain in our consciousness as a regal creature, worthy of our respect and love.

Felines are loving and supportive guardians of their genetic offspring, people. They continue to be in this role for all time and all dimensions of the Universal Game.

Nommos — race of Beings that takes the physical forms of dolphins, whales, mermaids / water. Their home world — a planet in a star system Sirius, which is mostly warm ocean with blue water.

Many of Nommos walk upright. They are known for their highly developed technology of sound. I have had personal experience of meeting with these creatures, when they took me to their planet in a state of sleep. I remember feeling the warm, blue waters of the ocean and how I admired the fact that I can not breathe in it. Then I remember how I was put on the table and a sense of wonder when they "sing" something in my blood. Then they "sang" me home, back to my body. I woke up with the most peaceful and enthusiastic feeling.

Nommos play an important role in the development of the Earth. Right now they — guardians and guides of Essential Sirians, who is in dolphins, whales and mermaids solids / water to maintain the biosphere.

Essential Sirians — A group of souls who were given the Earth as their new home when their former home, Sirius B, is integrated.

When the Earth rises, Essential Sirians will take over as guardians of the planet. Those that live in the water form will have the choice to change the shape of the human body and take, walking on the earth as a guardian of the earth. Many of the Etheric Sirians in aquatic forms make this choice now and, therefore, are beaching. They return to Nommos home world to be trained in the human body so that they could return to the earth as a guardian of the earth.

Those who belong to the ether group shower Sirians, usually very drawn to the whales and dolphins. They can also be found in the organizations and groups that focus on healing the earth and preserving its resources.

Most Etheric Sirians are among the black, red and brown races of the earth.

Reptilians — the creation of Carians, who are their parent race. They evolved on a planet in a star system Alpha Draconi constellation Orion. The royal line of Reptilians — Draconians, the winged dragons. The name of their royal line — House of Aln. This is not exactly so pronounced, but it's close. It's more like Oln or Ahln. However, as I remember, the Council requested me to write this as Aln.

Reptilians have two other major sub-race. They are known as the Winged Serpents (Snakes) and Lizards (Lizards), to name a few Lizzies.

Reptilians are less emotional than their human counterparts. They have a highly developed knowledge of the universe and the laws of physics. Reptilians are responsible for the Mystery Schools on Earth, and training — from the ancient knowledge of their parent race, Carians.

Reptilians have a creation myth of their parent race, Carians, it was faced with the myth of creation, which was the people. Reptiles were told that they have the right to colonize all the planets and stars, the stars in the universe, and when they do, they also have the right to conquer or destroy any civilization they find there.

This creation myth has been the source of many conflicts between the Reptilians and Humans in all dimensions. Still, it was given as part of the Universal Game (Polarity Integration). Without it, everyone lived in peace and there would be no conflict. If that were the case, the development of souls would cease, and the universe would have gone the way of stagnation.

Reptilians represent the Dark in the Polarity Integration Game, while Humans Light. After the game, the decision of its creators, all souls in this universe have the opportunity to develop spiritually and be reunited with the Source of All That Is.

Jehowah — reigning patriarch 9D, House of Aln and Enki — the patriarch of the ruling House of Aln 4D now. Until recently, Marduk, son of Enki, was acting commander of the Federation Flagship Nibiru, having seized power from his grandfather Anu, the former commander. This — also my understanding that Enki became patriarch 5D House Aln and also Head of the 5D Council Nibiruan, representing the darkness.

Physical Characteristics and Personality

Orbs (Balls) may appear iridescent colors. Physically, their bodies can be described as a ball of energy. Scientists who have studied the Orbs, believe their body is made of dense groupings of charged particles called a plasma. This could mean that Orbs — the simplest intelligent beings in the universe.

For polarity Light / Darkness, they seem polarized to the Light. Orbs feel and express "Light" feelings of love, happiness, joy, etc. Their bodies are so fragile and sensitive that they are unable to express "Darkness" feelings of pain and anger. Just an observation of the conflict can damage them. Not being able to fully experience the "Dark" feelings they are quite innocent in nature. Orbs are like children who never grow up. This is evident in their behavior, they seem to play, honestly and directly. They are very playful, curious and love to explore.

Social Features

Through the form of research, which I call "work with the time line," in which I use my psychic abilities to enter other time lines, I found that, like other societies, polarized to the Light, Orbs live in collectives. Collective society functions as a unified consciousness . the minds and emotions of each member are connected so that everyone can experience what others think and feel. This connection creates a peaceful and harmonious society, but at the expense of free will and individuality.

Orbs belief system says that each member of the team exists to serve others, not only in their own communities, but also in the galactic community as a whole. Service to others — an important form of soul growth.

One of the ways that Orbs serve their galactic neighbors — to use their ability to interdimensional travel, to act as a window into other dimensions. Basically, they provide a telescopic view into another world. For example, when we see Orbs in photographs — is they act as a window for anyone — that in another dimension. In this capacity Orbs are like historians, record of events after they have occurred.

Because of their preference to live in groups, serving as a civilian population, Orbs adapt well to family life. They can work as companions to single or aging people, or to be playmates for young children. In some cases, they take care of the children, giving parents a remote visual access to their child through their ability to be in two places at once. Imagine yourself a parent and on your desk at work sits Orb. When you look at this as a crystal ball to TV, you can see the operational picture — as your child plays.

Ability Orbs also used in religious or spiritual groups, where they act like crystal balls, allowing people to see past or future timelines.

There are societies that worship Orbs as gods because of the great wisdom that they have as a result of their service to many different cultures in many different worlds.

Orbs as "Star Children"

Like many other galactic races, Orbs send members of their society as "Star Children" on Earth. These souls have agreed to incarnate as humans on Earth to help the planet and ourselves. Below — the characteristics that indicate Orb «The Star Child".

Very sensitive to subtle organized psyche.
General health problem — severe allergies.
Looks like a sweet, cute, childish, sincere.
Tend to be very well-mannered and obedient.
Tend to be very reserved, quiet, shy and introverted.
Is a great observer and a very creative person.
Is passionate in learning anything.
Learning by observing others and repeating what they are trying to learn.
Tries to improve.
Tends to be a follower, not a leader.
It may seem detached from earthly life.
Responds to the situation passively and allow others to use it to their advantage.
Tend to ignore or avoid pain.
Society finds challenging.

With Orb «The Star Child" should show in the world.

Being a very happy and inquisitive people, Orbs «Star Children" are here to show others how to be open to the magic of life that supports our creativity. They teach us to observe life as a child does, exploring and playing with all possible, while remaining open to the wonders of life.

Additionally, Orbs «Star Children" are here to help us understand the universe in a new way. They are here to teach us a lesson about the exclusiveness of life. Although individual aspects of life seem to be separate from each other, Orb «The Star Child" sees that all life exists as a unified whole. They live each day with compassion and respect for all living beings, because actions can affect the life of another inscrutable ways.

With Orb «The Star Child" should get on Earth.

Goal Orb «Star Child" is to learn to embrace individuality and the full range of "Dark" feelings that come with it, hell, they have not yet developed. This means that they need to learn how to make their own choices, rather than follow the general opinion. To do so, they must accept the idea that the presence of thoughts, beliefs, and desires that do not coincide with the norm or status quo, good.

Further, they must learn to establish the correct boundaries or limits to how much they give and serve others. In other words, they should be reasonably self-centered. Faith, which declares that their value depends on how and to what extent they are not easy to change the other.

Additionally, understanding the value of pain is particularly difficult for them. Orb and close body is not capable of withstanding the amount of pain, which supports the human body! Having no boundaries do not feel safe. Instead of setting the boundaries, to make safe feeling and expression of emotions, then you can find any number of ways to ignore them and avoid pain. Daily activities, such as studying, playing music and even food becomes a way of salvation, and not only a source of pleasure.

Accommodation in this way can make you feel very exhausted and unhappy in life. They can display any number of emotional and physical challenges that will help them learn how to set boundaries. The most common emotional issues for Orb «The Star Child" are in the social opportunity sfere.Pered fear or pain they distance themselves from other people, and become withdrawn, lose their cheerfulness. With no boundaries, they can not get away from the relationship, which is being done to please others, not himself. In these respects, they are trying to save others from their pain, or allow others to take advantage of them. Caring about others, what Orbs «Star Children" are programmed, they deny their own needs.

When their fear of feeling pain and "Dark" feelings becomes the dominant center in their lives, they have seen the development of a serious allergic reaction to others and to the environment in general. Many Orbs experience multiple allergies to foods, chemicals, dust, and even people! Allergies — subconscious way to say that such choices in life are dangerous. Setting personal boundaries, Orb «The Star Child" can learn to have self-love, joy, and compassion in ways he never had before.

In conclusion, I hope I helped your understanding of Orbs «Star children." You may even find that you or your child — Orb «The Star Child". Having the best understanding of our galactic neighbors will help us to prepare for citizenship in the galactic community.

People — the youngest of the four primary races in our universe. They were first created Felines on a planet in a star system Vega constellation Lyra.

People are unique among the races because of their coding DNA. They were given gene Compassion, their inheritance from the Felines. They — the heirs of the great work that shows all the other races, how to achieve compassion through the opening of the heart and the high heart chakra.

They were given the myth of creation, different from the myth that gave the Reptilians. Human creation myth states that they will seek to live in harmony with any and all races, occupying the planet, which they wish to colonize.

Also found that they, through the example of their lives, will show their supporters races way to reach the heart of compassion instead of compassion from the mind (mental compassion). Therefore, you will find that Felines and people who have an open heart, will be intense, truthful and peaceful in their relations with others.

People have become more prevalent in the royal line Avyon by the time they reached the Pleiadian star system.

Devin (Feline) — acting patriarch 9D Royal House Avyon in the constellation Lyra. Anu (Human) — the current patriarch 5D Royal House Avyon in Pleiades.

Ending Stories Galactic Federation

Big Experiment — 3rd Earth
First Earth — star Vega (constellation Lyra)
Long ago, before time as we know it began, were the founders of the Universe, highly evolved souls who have already completed many universal games. As the gods — the creators, they decided to create their own universe.

When the twelve together, they are faced with the question, what kind of game to choose, so that souls are created in it, or coming into it, their new universe could spiritually evolve. After all, spiritual development — what every soul desires.

Finally, after much consideration, they chose the game known as "Polarity Integration." This game — one of many that involves the integration of light and darkness, development of the Divine Creator, to experience all that he / she is.

Now that the game selection has been made, they knew that they would have to experience things in this game to help them develop in their new universe, beings who have agreed to be part of this game and finish it.

So the founders announce their project to all souls in all universes that have completed at least one Polarity Integration Game. Their request answered ninety Beings highly evolved souls who only recently finished a game and look for another place to continue their spiritual development. This group was made up of ninety forty-five and forty-five Carians Felines.

They arrived in this (our present) universe and began meeting with the Founders to set up the game. Ninety group chose one of them to be present at the Council of Founders, to communicate between their group and the Founders. This one candidate is known to us as Devin. Devin (real name — Devaine) was the patriarch of Feline (family).

Carians were given a planet in the constellation Orion as their new home, while the Felines were given a planet in the constellation Lyra.

So a group of ninety divided and went to their respective planets to begin the game. Carians would represent the Dark, and Felines would represent the Light.

Over time, both groups developed the physical form to be embodied in them, that they could go down to the surface of their planetary homes. Both teams provided a pure (royal) lines in their ever-growing race. Over time, both groups began to interbreed with other life forms of their planetary homes to create a new race of beings. And then, when a new race was determined by the part of their respective societies, Carian / Reptilians arrived in the Lyra constellation and colonized a neighboring planet Felines / Humans. By doing this, they were now ready for the first big experiment integration. We call it "The First Earth, Grand Experiment."

This first great experiment occurred on a three-planet is the same as the Earth, and it was the home of Felines / Humans. Technology Felines / Humans was promoted and eventually space travel became available. Soon both races were traveling back and forth, visiting each other's planet.

The two groups were now reunited again, but with many new creatures involved and their offspring. Over time, they mingled, members of two royal lines married to form unions. All went well for some time.

After mixing the races were created new races and soon developed a caste system. They were the king or the highest caste, the priestly caste, scholars and warriors. The rest of the population was working caste.

I'm still not clear as to what created the rift between the two royal families, which caused the first Great Galactic War, but I do know that it was due to lack of communication involving some details. Who — that communicated with anyone — it about something, but neglected some details. I was told that it was relatively Union. They are not quite articulate the details. Thus pride hurt, resulting in feelings of distrust, and then it meant that the Felines / People went to the first attack against their reptilian neighbors.

If you go back a little bit, before Great Galactic War had a few minor wars are much smaller between the two Houses. I'm told, is of my father, Shimabala and father Jehowah, Cobazar were killed. We were still teenagers when our fathers died. Until that time, we were all very close to each other.

I think of my visit Jehowah in his favorite cave and our games for hours together. These memories are filled with warm, loving feelings. Now, as we take the mantle of leadership, we are still constantly pikiruemsya with each other, even though that war, which killed our fathers, and over, and my marriage with Jehowah — the part that seals the alliance that brings peace to our families. And although that another war breaks out, we are not at war with each other, trying to keep our personal relationship aside from the chaos that is going on around us.

Second Earth — Pleiades
By the end of the Galactic War, the destruction of our planet, my brother Devin, I Jehowah fled along with a large group of beings on one of our last remaining star ships — Pelegai.

Eventually we settled into a new group of stars, later known as the Seven Sisters, Pleiades. We lived on his boat and spent most of our time, setting up a colony on the planet. We named our new home — Avyon, as our former home. It was a beautiful blue planet, is very similar to our previous one, with two suns.

Life progressed and so did we. Cities were built, civilizations evolved. Eventually we left the planet to those who came with us. We became the Ancient to them, the first founders of our civilization on this planet. But as usual, with time the facts were distorted so that the written history no longer reflected the actual events.

Over time, the planet was known everywhere in the cosmos, and other civilizations began to arrive on the planet, some just out of curiosity, others — with the intent to win. The inhabitants of the planet have evolved to the level of space travel, a little more than the level where we — today. Life on the planet developed without disease and social inequality, and was created by a joint government, but also almost hive mentality. Every thought and acted like everyone else, but their actions did not express the dark side of his nature. They express only their lighter side as it was the social norm.

People become spiritually stagnant, unable to progress due to their choice to suppress their dark side, masculine side and use the lower three chakras. As a result, they are unconsciously triggered a race that he was the polar opposite, in order to move them out of this state of stagnation.

Initially, the race arrived, talking about the world, but soon realized that it would be better to capture the planet than trying to cooperate with a race of people who do not understand why they live.

Many years passed before the true intentions arrived race were exposed through the efforts of the resistance movement. Once it became clear that all the words and talks are meaningless, people went to the first attack to try to drive this race with their planet. In their continuing efforts to dislodge their enemy they managed to destroy their planet. The survivors fled to many places in the galaxy and eventually established colonies on other planets.

Third Earth — Pleiades (Our present Earth)
So here we are — today, in another process recovery. The first two of the Earth has never passed through recovery. I believe that many of us here on Earth today participated in one or both of the previous terrestrial experiments. And thanks to the wisdom we have gained from our experience, we have successfully raise themselves, the people of the Earth and the planet.

What we lacked before — that compassion and acceptance of others different from ourselves. We learned that the polarization to the light or darkness does not allow us to feel compassion and maintain peace. Only by combining light and darkness in yourself and expressing it appropriately in our reality, we will be able to complete the Third Grand Experiment successfully with the planet, and all the races involved in the lift, go further on their spiritual paths.

Christos Union
Christos Union established for the sake of the link between the Council Nibiruan as galactic planetary managers and school called Earth.

Creatures Christos — the control part of Essential Sirians and Men Orion. Their base is located on the planet Venus with Sanat Kumara as the head of the group. Some call it the planetary Logos of the Earth, which is true from our perspective.

Essential People Sirians and Orion — planetary heirs Earth, the Earth has been given to them as founders of the house when their planet, which revolved around Sirius B exploded. They tried to join, but were not successful. You will find much more information on Essential Sirians and Orion in the book People We — Nibiruans.

Christ Consciousness comes from this group. This is — a part of the collective memory of when those who have been essential to the polarized light on Sirius B.

Christos connection facilitates communication between the office and Christos 9D Council Nibiruan. Through these communication needs of the Earth are known 9D Council Nibiruan.

Once the requirements are understood at the 9D Council Nibiruan, he refers to the 5-and 6-timernym Soviets Nibiruan meet those needs. Depending on the requirements there are also cases where the treatment is released to the 7-bit and 8-mimernym Soviets Nibiruan.

Nibiruan Council / Sirius A Union
This alliance is designed to provide genetic engineers working on the modernization of the genetic codes for planetary races who are ready to rise to the next level in their development.

The genetic engineers — mostly Felines, live on the planet Sirius A. Although they work in the second dimension — they are much older race of beings. My understanding that these same beings, like the big cats, which were active in Egypt in ancient times. Some are known as Sekmet, Seshat and Atum Ra or Aton.

Joysia was chosen by his people to lead the re-coded DNA program for Earth. In this capacity, he oversees the work of all the genetic engineers involved in transcoding people on Earth.

I see Joysia more human than Feline. He looks like a cross between Ben Franklin and a lion. I see him in glasses, friendly and gentle with a great sense of humor.

This group is currently working to help us in the discovery of secrets stored in the Sphinx and a plateau Giza, secrets that will open up our history and will allow us to return to our full multidimensional state. But we have to decode our DNA to a level where we can access and use the information.

They — those who encourage us to use crystals to the grid of the planet so that we can support the higher frequencies, which will help us in our DNA Recoding.

As I said Devin, will be three people who will be traveling to Egypt in the near future to open the door to the secret room. This house will provide information about our past (planetary and universal), and also, there will be found written the names of three people who opened the door. I wonder who they are, and we know about them?

Flagship Federation Lyran, Pelegai
Pelegai — the last of the original flagship vessel of the Galactic Federation Council of Lyra. It was built during the time of the First Great Experiment on the planet Avyon, First Earth in a star system Vega constellation Lyra. Pelegai — precursor and higher dimensional version of Nibiru.

Pelegai was one of the few ships that survived the First Great Galactic War, which destroyed the planet Avyon like colonies on neighboring planets star Vega of Lyra, where people have migrated. Those who survived the war, were taken to Sirius B on board is still operating ships.

Members of the House and the House of Aln and Avyon Pelegai live on today. This means that people, Reptilian, Felines and Carians all live and work on this star ship.

As Nibiru, Pelegai like a bright eight-pointed star. Its symbol — a winged horse, flying through the triangle, surrounded by a circle. This symbol represents the level Pelegai to access all the Stargates, including the 9th dimension of our universe. Only civilizations that have achieved high level of integration, the Founders give this level of access to the interdimensional Stargate.

This symbol is worn on the uniforms of those who live and work on board the star ship.

The Royal House of Aln
Aln House began in the constellation of Orion. The original members of the House of Aln were known as Carians and had a physical body that resembled people with wings, feathers and beaks. They did not start this way, but as they had millions of years of evolution, have evolved into intelligent, enlightened and spiritual development of the race, they are also somewhat changed its form.

The ruling class Carians originally resembled our Eagle, and as in many races, there were many different options Carians. Some — as big as pterodactyls, others — just like a hummingbird. Carians came from the same universe as the Felines House Avyon. Because the birds to mammals evolve in the evolutionary timeline, Carians were more advanced race than Felines for a long time.

Was forty-five Carians, who came at the invitation of the Founders to start the game universal integration of polarities.

Ultimately Aln House set himself on a nearby planet in the constellation Lyran, to start the first Grand Experiment integration are the Earth, Avyon. Both houses are married to create unions as part of the Great Experiment.

Carians have created a race of beings known as Reptilians, while they were still in the constellation Orion, before the outbreak of the Great Experiment integration.

Time passed and the Royal House of Aln has become more of Reptiles in the fifth and fourth dimensions. In those measurements Aln House is located in the constellation Orion. It is only during the first Earth Aln House was moved to Constellation Lyrah.

Jehowah — modern ruling patriarch 9D Royal House of Aln. Enki — the patriarch of the ruling House of Aln 4D now. Until recently, Marduk, the firstborn son of Enki was acting commander of the Federation Flagship Nibiru, seizing control of it from his grandfather Anu, the former commander. This — also my understanding that Enki became patriarch 5D House Aln and also Head of the 5D Council Nibiruan, representing the darkness.

Devin — the patriarch of the ruling Royal House Avyon. He took this role when our father, Shimbala died during the First Great War on our home planet Avyon, star Vega in the Lyra system.

Also, it made him the head of the Council of 9 timernogo Nibiruan, he took the post after our father. In this capacity, he oversees the operations of the Board of intergalactic Nibiruan against plans to lift the earth, as well as the evolutionary plans of other planetary schools in our galaxy and the universe.

Devin — other member federations outside of our Galactic Federation. You could liken it to the King friendly powerful country that is involved in the affairs of other countries, providing leadership skills and help of all kinds.

Devin has a lot of soul fragments (its higher aspect) in other dimensions and lifestream. Several of these lifestreams been on Earth. One in particular, was in the days of Camelot and Avalon, a whole life, which many say was not real, but we know differently.

Devin — a warm, caring and fun creature. He repeatedly tells me about his disturbing things, one of which is the importance of attention to detail, and the other, the use of analogies. He — a master at using analogies to explain the higher dimensional (multidimensional) information, and he encourages me to do the same. I often tell people when I get the information from him, "One moment, Devin looks at the book in 1001 Analogies Earth to find the most available to explain what he is trying to convey to you."

Devin feels that it is extremely important that the people of the Earth provide the means to understand the higher dimensions. He knows that they should be ready to join the galactic community and, therefore, takes it upon himself to provide analogies to help them understand the universal information. And, in case you're wondering, he growls at the other members of our Board, here on Earth, to repeat the same again.
His other favorite hobby — part-is what he feels he creates a lot of pain in the world due to the fact that humans have a tendency to not pay enough attention to them to communicate with each other. He focuses on the details, because, he says, "the omission of details in communication led to the first big war that killed my father, Shimbala."

Devin — my brother in the ninth dimension, and while I'm on Earth, it is — my guide. Devin and I have appointed this meeting before I left to come to Earth in 1992. He wanted to stay home and help me with that kontsa.Poetomu he incarnates on earth, although some of its multi-dimensional aspects of the embodied and I met one of them.

Royal House Avyon
Avyon house was set on the "first world." At that time it consisted of people whose physical form was Feline. Felines These arrived in the constellation Lyra from another universe, which recently completed its self and the universal game. In the universe the game was the same itself, which was chosen for this universe. game was called "Polarity Integration."

Felines have been invited here founders of this universe. Since Felines have successfully completed their game, the Founders felt it best to invite creatures that had a) knowledge of the game Polarity Integration, and b) have successfully completed it.

Founders — is the Council of 12 beings who came together to create their own universe and the game. They — the souls who have completed more than one universal game in other areas. When we speak of the game, we mean it in the highest sense of the word.
Ecumenical games are used for the development of the soul. As we know here on Earth, people learn best through play than through any other form of training.

Was ninety-Beings in the original group to be invited here Founders. Of ninety, forty-five were Carian, (people, birds).

Forty-five Felines dynasty, which became known as the Royal House Avyon. The term "Royal" was used to identify those families who agreed to maintain the purity of their DNA for genetic upgrades. Not all members have done so, but the patriarchs really married their sisters to fulfill this agreement. "Royal" also means those families who have taken the obligation to serve the community. Family members are trained almost from birth to support the rights of their citizens and to serve with the highest benefit of all. In this role, members of the royal family are the subjects rather than citizens they serve. King — father subjects related by blood and oath to take care of them ..
Royal House Avyon included many highly educated beings, among them were skilled genetic engineers. It is they who have created the first humans. Through cross breeding with a local, two-legged mammals on the planet, they have started a program of new species.

First Earth, like the second and ours, there is a third Earth, the human species evolved from the DNA of another race. At first it was the Earth Felines. Our Third Earth — is a combination of Felines, Carian, Reptilian and Human DNA. Human DNA came from Avyon in Pleiades, which was the second Earth.

Devin — acting patriarch 9D House Avyon. They live on a star ship Pelegai.

Category: Channeling

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