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Since the release in July 2000, when Nibiruan 9D Council discussed the first wave, I was contacted by many people who wanted to know more about the first wave, and whether they are part of it. This article will address these issues and also provided with background information about what to do now.

But before I begin, let me say that what I am saying here, is based on the information that I have received a long time, but as I understand it now. A year ago, it might look a little different, as the new information is always colored by the old and seeks to provide a broader understanding of ourselves.
With this, and begin.

What is a First Wave?

First Wave — a term used to define the wave of people who have contracts that have been activated. These contracts include the tasks, which helps raise (Ascension) of the Earth and its people. Most of these people had already been awake for some time. Activation, they got now, is designed to perform the tasks for which they have agreed to support the Ascension. They will work either directly or indirectly Nibiruans with other groups associated with the Galactic Federation.

When the first wave started?

This — my understanding that the contract of first waves were activated in the first months of this year (2000,).

There must be other waves?

My understanding — that there are two other waves of people who will be activated in the future, the second and third waves.

Are there any special codes in our physical bodies, which contain the information of the contract and the First Wave of our mission?

Yes, I know there are codes in the DNA, which contain the information of the contract the first wave. I was told that these codes can be likened to a microscopic chips that contain all the data. I was also told that many of the First Wave
received symbols and / or sounds that are part of the language known to all of the first wave. I believe that this will be Haburu or Hiburu, who both speaks and it is the universal language of the world.
The language is written in the DNA, or somehow incorporated into DNA. I'm no expert, so I do not know exactly how to say it. Maybe some of you who are reading this will know, and then notify me. This language has sounds and symbols that look similar to the Hebrew alphabet. I was told that the Hebrew alphabet is based on the language. Jews, as I understand it — the descendants Nibiruans.

What is the contract of the First Wave?

I was told that the contract first wave — a contract to study the rise and leadership. I interpret this as a contract to become the first group of souls who will lead the way into the new millennium, preparing the rest of the world
for this transition. They can be teachers, teaching concepts and multi-sized, too, the inventors who create the technologies needed in the future.

What kind of training people with the contract First Wave will get to fulfill their mission?

Because they are the first of their training rather hard that we are now experiencing. And a lot of difficulties due to the fact that they are all at different speeds, listening to the call and following the path that the rest of the world is just beginning to recognize and understand. They are the pioneers of a new world.

They will provide training and assistance at all stages of the Ascension on the way, from the emergence of new children and to the final stage of the Ascension. The recovery process is like a ladder and be a teacher at each stage to guide the people of Earth to go all the way and finish it step by step.
These people (the first wave) there will also be an accelerated process of DNA Recoding, which means that their lessons will come more quickly, giving them the necessary opportunities for the integration of their fears, thus creating new neural pathways and reassembling
their physical body. (see section "Lifting Tools" on our website for information on DNA Recoding). Thus, they will have intensive training in such things as compassion, money, personal boundaries and self-empowerment to achieve multidimensional consciousness in each of these areas.
There is a level of knowledge that they need to reach and traits they need to acquire to be successful in their mission.
Some of them:
They should be able to use multi-dimensional tools, such as
Multidimensional Keys of Compassion and equipment, such as a universal bank in their daily lives in order to maintain its existence and get everything they need.
They need to look at the world, their lives and the events in them with a multidimensional consciousness.
They know that there is no good or bad, there is only what is.
They know that sin and forgiveness — three-dimensional design and apply only in 3D. They know that everything has a value and that darkness is just as valuable as the Light.
They know that the polarity does not exist without the presence of both.
In other words, they are living examples of compassion in action.
They will have the power of persuasion that will withstand any attack those around them who do it out of fear and misunderstanding.
They will have greater endurance, which will help them to reach the end.
These can range, but never fall.
They may despair and try to finish the mission, but they never give up. (Care is acceptable as long as it's only words in despair, but not the final intention. I did it many times!)
For inventors — their integrity will not allow them to sell their technology to those who will use them for destructive purposes.

What happened to the people of the First Wave, when their codes have been activated?

For many, including me, it was as if someone — then slammed on the brakes of our reality, and we bumped into a wall. Suddenly everything that worked before, no longer worked. Those of us who were successful businessmen, began to lose their business because of poor choices. It was as if we have forgotten how to do anything right.
For others, it was the reality of awakening, calling on another path.
All that seemed important in our lives, the more those seem. We started to turn to spiritual things, and many have been absorbed desire to know and understand. We started reading and learning one thing after another. We rushed through the levels of spiritual training that covers everything — from Angels to Zen meditation, all that gave us the speed. It was as if we were intensive spiritual preparation for something big. So, while one world fell away, another world
forming. Although we felt the fear of losing our past, we
also felt incredible joy and excitement in the new reality that we have created. Our hearts were full even when our savings were exhausted.
Many of us have also had health problems since the activated codes
in our DNA caused increased vibration in our etheric bodies with which our physical bodies are not yet able to handle. This led us to look for ways to cleanse our bodies so that we feel comfortable in them again. Thus, we have realized the emotional body and how it affects our physical body. It
necessary understanding of lifting & multi-sized.
Many of us have lost some or all of our friends, and also an understanding of our family members. We had to go it alone as long as we did not find others with the same mindset. It was very difficult, and it is still difficult for some of us, those who have not yet found adherents.

How will I know that I am from the First Wave? Are there any specific pointers?

You will know that you are from the first wave, if you had the above-mentioned events. First Wave now gaining momentum to establish a presence on the Internet, as it will be the foundation of the fifth dimension.
Where do we go from here?
As mentioned in the July Updates Tips, the first wave is now in Phase II of our training. Some are already fulfilling their mission, while others are still in training. If your mission is not known to you, do not worry, so is not the time. But for those who do know, it's time to start.

Will the First Wave to get the necessary financial support to carry out its mission?

Yes we (receive financial assistance) and I do not know anyone who their guides were not told that they will have all that they will nebhodimo. Some say that they will have the financial angels. But that's a trap that I just recently discovered. Yes, there is a great abundance, but it will not come until we
each individually, do not create a way to reach millions (listeners or readers). But how can we do this? I do not think it should be done in traveling around the world, dressed in worn-out clothes. Now I understand that it has to be through the Internet! That there is an easier and more effective way to reach millions, and we can do it from our own living rooms!
We have to make our training available for download via the Internet so that people can get access to it in the world with a keystroke. For inventors, they will be able to sell their inventions and to receive funding through the Internet as well. I am already working on how we can make it.
As for financial angels, then they should be the people and must be a technology that would provide financial wealth over the internet. I
I believe that this will be the technology of sound and speech on the Internet. 5th dimension — the overlay of information and technology, created through technology. Not surprisingly, Devin has been pushing me to create a strong presence on the web.
He told me three years ago that the fifth dimension begins with the Internet and then I could not see it, but I'm doing it now. I'll write more about it later, and will also have this as a topic for one of our chats Monday night.
Thus, our future — the next and we are prepared to enter into it. All what we need — this is properly understood our guides and make things right, which they orient us. When I get the impulse to do something new, but the money had not yet arrived, I express verbal intention that money appeared to support this new venture at the right time.
As to the interpretation, many times we start new projects as part of our mission. When this happens, we must remember that "right now" usually implies time in one — two years. Also, when you select the correct time — money, people and capabilities necessary for the completion of this project will be collected and will flow into your life without any effort. But while all three arrive, it
not the time to act. I took a sip of grief by not following this rule.

Now is the time for us to get together?

Yes, now is the time to unite. As things heat up and
world is waking up, we — First Wave will need obereganii each other. Education and promotion of useful, but it is not always easy, and be able to talk to each other, discuss our problems and to share our victories — it is no longer a luxury but a necessity. More than ever, we need each other's support to run until the end of our mission.
We were promised that we would not have to do it alone, and I know it's true. We have our guides, but even more, we have ourselves. As for me, I know I would not be able to do this work, if not for the support of people with whom I meet through our website and our forums. I get up
every day, and the first thing I do — I load my email to read messages from my friends. And there are many days when an encouraging word from a friend online or by phone saves me from having to give up and dive in full three-dimensional life. We — the spirit, but we also need people and companionship with others. Let's not forget that.
If you are alone right now without the support and friendship, it is because you chose this situation for a reason. There are support groups, formed around the world, but I think that the most accessible are those who have an online presence.

I hope that helped to explain what the First Wave who it is and what they should do.

My friend from the first wave, I love you, I respect you, and I am your biggest fan. Together, hand in hand, we can do it. We can succeed. The reason — and I know this — is that we have already successfully completed projects recovery in other worlds, doing it together. I am so looking forward to meeting with you all.
I remain your humble classmate and friend,
Jelaila Starr
Council Nibiruan

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