Translations of Council Nibiruan. What is Rise (Ascension)?

By now you've probably realized that we were not given a draft recovery. In a perfect world we would have a project or model, showing us what to do. We would know what to expect and what not to expect and therefore would have passed through the process with more grace and ease than we do it now.

But as we all know that we do not live in a perfect world, we go blindly, with the delays because of a misunderstanding of the process.

Most of our energy is spent on getting to know that we have many misconceptions about what the recovery process is and what is not.
These misconceptions create a lot of pain that we experience along the way. For example, there
misconception that we can rise without having to experience our fears.
Oh, how wonderful it would be if it were really true.

This article was written to help dispel some of the misconceptions that cause us to stumble and, also, to provide something out of the process of the project. This project is of course based on my own experience, as well as the experience of those beautiful souls that I have the privilege to know and who goes in the same way that I do. So let's start with the basics. What is the rise?

At the individual level rise — the process of change of consciousness from one reality, based on a certain set of beliefs (beliefs) to another. At the group or planetary level rise is an extension of the collective state of mind (set of beliefs) to the point where that consciousness creates a new reality (the reality), a new state of existence or dimension (the hundredth monkey syndrome). Example: We all create a 5-timernoe consciousness through our individual ascension process. Well, I understand that by adding a new thought here that the measurement — a state of mind. Maybe we should stop and look at it before we continue to go on, because we really need to understand — what is consciousness, dimensions, and so on, before we can really understand the process of recovery.

What is consciousness?
Consciousness — a set of beliefs (beliefs), on which we base our lives and through which we implement our choices and decisions that create our current reality.

What is a dimension?
Dimension — a state of mind. Now, how can this be? Well, when you look at what we know about the dimensions that we find — that each measurement is a unique set of beliefs. For example, three-dimensional (3D) — a belief that this life is the only life, and if you can not touch anything, try it to taste, see it, feel it or hear — it does not exist. It is close enough? 5D — the one to which I will return in full in this article, is a Christ-consciousness or consciousness of Unity, where we understand that we are all connected — we understand and live in unity (there is a misconception of what it is like the consciousness of Unity and I will address this in the article "5th Dimension — how it will look like?"). Our current three-consciousness was not established until enough people started to believe the same way. And I guess that the current 5D consciousness will not be installed as long as enough of the people existing there, do not figure out how to live in unity. Thus we see that when enough people live a certain set of beliefs or convictions, they create dimension.

Further, the state of consciousness / dimension vibrates as a certain frequency as well as all physical matter has a different vibration or frequency. In our universe, as I understand it, the closer we get to the point of integration of light and darkness, the faster we vibrate (compassion is
integration point with the highest frequency (vibration)). So, if a group of people to acquire a particular set of beliefs, in this case, an understanding of how to live at the integration of light and darkness, then they all start to vibrate at that particular frequency.
Further, this group vibration creates a new consciousness, a new reality and a new dimension through the emotional, creative, etc. Expressions separate individuals belonging to the group. I hope this all makes sense to you. Sometimes I find the attempts to explain the concept of multidimensional somewhat provocative, because they (the concept) has a lot of levels. I can see them in my mind, but to present the material on paper — is another matter.
Now that we have a basic understanding of consciousness, dimensions and frequency, let's get back to lifting.

As we go up?

Found that we rise, clearing our emotional blocks, integrating the fears that are the basis of these blocks, transforming anger, hatred, guilt and shame in these blocks into compassion. In each of our emotional blocks there is a solution for the above dark emotions.
As we learn to accept, evaluate and use these emotions balanced way, we balance the dark side of ourselves.
In the outside world, as we learn to evaluate those who express these dark emotions in their roles of our teachers (that is, those who play the role of the dark, because they have the appropriate spiritual contracts with us), we balance the Light and Dark in our reality.

Once again — a multi-dimensional concept, compressed into one or two sentences. (Read "The Formula of Compassion" and "Dance with Darkness" for more information on the association of Light and Darkness).
As we clear our blocks, we move our consciousness. We become less shallow (less tried others), thus more compassionate. So our consciousness moves first, our physical body follows suit.

Thirdly, our outer reality begins to reflect a new consciousness that we express. Thus, the physical reality moves slowly as well. So every day, as we allow our guides to offer us our lessons so that we can develop them and purify yourself — we rise. Every time we clean the unit and experience the joy of gratitude, evaluation, and compassion, we rise. Let's sum it up. Lifting occurs when you:
Want to clear your blocks.
Cleanable, integrating by fear of experiencing it in any situations and reaching compassion, thus shifting your consciousness to a higher frequency.

What are the mechanics of the gradient?

Rise — a process that has a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical components. This process is a multi-level and inter-related, meaning that the effect produced on one level affect other levels (domino effect).

Mechanics of the recovery process about this:

1. You ask for (your guides) about your fears, which (as they choose), you have to work now.

2. These fears are manifested in your life, packaged as a lesson, that time has come.

3. You move through these fears, wishing to test them fully to the extent that is necessary to integrate them.

4. You are part of the fears, thus learning the lesson. In this part, you feel that you have experienced feelings of fear associated with this lesson. They may be feeling, like guilt, shame, hatred, anger, resentment, etc. (Yes, we are afraid of experiencing these emotions, because we have been taught that they are bad, and if we have them, we're bad.)

5. You experience the liberation, when fear and integrated lesson passed. In this state, release emotions you experience joy, happiness, gratitude (for the man who played the role of the Dark) and compassion (for the person playing the role of the dark, as it was to be in pain, doing his job). When you feel compassion in your body there is a tingling sensation in many cases an orgasmic explosion of energy in your heart chakra (it — anger, shame, etc., transmuted into compassion), as you release the people involved in your lesson of guilt.

6. Compassion that you feel small portions converts your DNA from carbon-based to crystalline or silica-based, thus allowing more light to penetrate into your body. At the same time, any implants (also known as patterns of behavior) associated with this lesson in overcoming fear, changing (balanced). If you worked
with your fear in all its various aspects, for some time, these newly modified implants loose their connection to your sleeping 10 strands of DNA, so that now these threads can be rebuilt.
The further we move these steps (see "Formula of Compassion" on more details on the process of integration / conversion), the more we re-encode our DNA, this shift of consciousness makes us closer and closer to the point of integration between the Light and Dark . Compassion — unconditional and equal acceptance of all things (Light and Darkness), no matter what they are.

Now let's look at some of the misconceptions about the rise.

Misconceptions about the rise.

There are many misconceptions about the rise of proceeding now. Most of them comes from the lack of basic information and tries to formulate the concept of our ascent on the fact that we have been taught in the past. As soon as we are given a higher perspective on some of these concepts, we can see that only by having a different level of knowledge you can understand them. Let's look at a few of the more common ones.

— We can rise without experiencing pain or fear.

As I said earlier, I'm sorry, that's not true, but as we have seen from the information above, we need to have something that we can use to achieve compassion. We have to have some form of fuel.
We do not convert the love and joy into compassion, is not it? And love and joy — a high-emotion, like compassion, is not it? This — my understanding that we use energy
lower frequency emotions of anger, shame (shame), guilt, resentment, etc. to convert them into compassion. So, if this is true, then we should be able to get access to these emotions, to be able to convert them, right? And, to get access to them, we have to feel them in some way. Of experiencing them — it's the same thing as feeling them.
Go ahead, low-frequency emotions create an emotional and sometimes physical pain. For example, would not cause anger, guilt or shame emotional pain? Thus, if we need transmutable emotions as fuel to rise, we need to get access to them. It means to feel the pain of these emotions, and if we feel the pain of our emotions, we can assume that we will not go up without having to overcome the pain. That makes sense? And keep in mind that pain — a catalyst for change. We did not change as long as we do not understand that we need the pain … — an indication that it is time for a change.
From a higher perspective, I understand the pain — is the most valuable tool, because without that we have no catalyst to perform work that is necessary in order to grow spiritually.

— We can re-encode our DNA only through intent or if someone will do it for us.

Well, think about it. If you produce an emotional cleansing and it changes your DNA, is not this the same thing as DNA Recoding? And, if you need fuel (fear and lower frequency emotions), to convert them to the compassion to recode your DNA and …
experience the whole process of transmutation in the work, then you can do this simply by intention? In addition, as can anyone — else to do it for you? As this one can feel your fears, integrate them and learn your lessons for you? I do not see that this is somehow possible. It would be the same as if someone lived your life for you, while you sit on the sidelines and watch. But if it were possible, I certainly would be the first in line! I do not want to experience the pain and discomfort that I have.

— Through the process of recovery, we have the ability to bi-location, levitation and movement of objects by thought.

It was a real disappointment for me when I learned that these abilities were not part of the Earth and planetary ascension plan. I wanted to learn all this, and suddenly found that in the beginning they were one of the reasons why I kept going. But on the other hand, we do not have to reach them in order to rise and this — a great relief! Think how much time and energy would be required to be able to acquire these skills. This — educational material mystery schools that takes years to achieve mastery. Thus, these capabilities are not part of the recovery process.

Abilities that are required:

1. The ability to achieve compassion, transforming emotional blocks.
2. The ability to assess the darkness in all ways.
3. The ability to live in harmony with all other forms of life in the universe, regardless of the differences.

Something that I learned not too long ago, and what you might be interested to know that there are two different recovery process. There Reptilian process is human process. Reptilian process taught through the ancient mystery schools, that in order to climb (ascend) to improve mental skills and requires the student lived apart from the world, in order to concentrate on his / her skills. Human process allows you to climb through the heart, and requires that a student living in the world to acquire skills. Okay, so I raise a very difficult question about it … I guess I need to write an article to explain it as well.

— When we rise, we will be on another planet.

In fact, in some ways it would be like to stay on another planet, but in reality we are on a different plane of our current world. Just as there are stations on different frequencies, but you can access them with the same radiopreemnika, 3D, 4D and 5D — is a different dimension / frequency / state of mind, which you can access while at the same planet Earth. At least it is — my understanding at the moment.

— When we rise, we will live in complete unity … there will be no darkness or negativity … it will only love and light.

Stop! Will not people are surprised when they see that the 5D still have Light and Darkness? Once again, as I understand it, we will have a unified society, but not at the expense of individuality. Having only Light / Unity means, in its extreme form, the mentality of the hive, like bees or ants. Do we really want this? As I understand it, we want to live with the knowledge that we are all interconnected, so that we can stop any hostile or military actions of those who claim to be separatists. But we do not want to give up our individuality and free will, becoming a part of the consciousness of Unity, where everyone thinks the same, is not it? If you are not, do not pay attention to me. I want to make a free will and freedom of thought.

— As we go up, we'll be able to physically see and hear our guides.

Maybe it will happen in the process of recovery, as 4D and 5D are getting stronger, but so far our relationship with them is through the inner eye and the inner ear. There are those who already see and hear with their three-dimensional eyes and ears, but it is — not because of DNA Recoding or due to lifting, I'm told. It — because they are born with a fully functioning appropriate endocrine gland that is part of their earthly mission.

— As we climb, we must leave our three-dimensional life and move to the light.

This — and not part of the plan at this time. As I understand it, we have to live in the world and be part of it,
but to live in it with a multidimensional consciousness. I found it hard to understand this. At the beginning of my journey, I would like to separate from the world, to go live in a closed community of like-minded people, give up my credit card and bank account and live in love. But I soon realized it was not working. We have to live on the earth and the world, for the world — a place where we learn our lessons. This is — a place where we can get access to our fears and to integrate them, to get access to our low-frequency emotions and transform them within our three-dimensional physical body.
If we separate from the world and spend our time hanging out in other dimensions or on the astral plane, we lose the opportunity to go through the events that make us grow. Remember, without the lessons that are available to us, we can not grow spiritually. We grow from the instability in the balance. If we try to live in a perfect world, we become spiritually stagnant, is not it? Think about it. Well, enough about the misconceptions, this article is already long enough. Let's move on.

How can I tell if I get up?

You mentally decided to undergo a process of recovery. This is different from staying on the path. Growth — the choice to move to the 5th dimension. The spiritual path — the choice to open up to the fact
what is behind the three-and access your spiritual side.
Your fears are manifested in your life as lessons. Your physical body begins to react to the process of raising a new pain. It — your inner child, worried fears, which are supposed to be integrated. These fears are stored in your physical body in various places. Example: fear of money stored in your lower back and you feel the fear of pain in the lower back.

You begin to understand what the synchronicity and unusual incidents in your life. (Synchronicity — your guides and your work, producing events from your life of the job you have chosen to implement.)

What do we mean when we say that the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimension merge?
This is an interesting tidbit that I can not share with you. So, many of you know, there is a lot of talk about the confluence of the measurements and the physical / mental / emotional effects that we experience because of it. I wanted to share my thoughts about what it means, as many have sent me questions about it by e-mail.

As more and more people are on the spiritual path and the way of the ascent, we reach levels of understanding. For example, myuznaem that we — are spiritual beings having a physical / human
experience. When enough people understand this, they create a new consciousness. I think it is
specific beliefs (belief) is one of the most important on the spiritual path — the concept of 4D. So, this group is anchored 4D octave in three dimensions, because they live in the physical three-dimensional world, so they joined the 3D and 4D. The same thing happens when enough people drop anchor 5D concept in 3D. This is — what is meant by the merger of the measurements. Groups of people are creating new value / state of mind, living with in different dimensions. Hope that makes sense.

To summarize what I said about the rise (ascent) in this article. There is much more that can be told about the rise and something I have described in other articles. You are perfectly free to choose and read them in the section «Ascension (up / rapture)" in the section «Articles area» on our site.
Please feel free to send me your questions by e-mail if they have any information regarding this article. My email address — below.

Jelaila Starr
Council Nibiruan

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