Two interviews 21 September 2012 interview with Metatron. Interview with Sanat Kumara.

Earth has recently made eversion (Portal), and exodus from the dark forces of the world.

Interview with Metatron.

Natalia: Metatron, dear! How are things on the planet? What happened today?

Metatron: My children, I have very good news. There has been a revelation space ascension (open direct portal to the Earth in the space of the 5th dimension, where as long as the energy of the future projection of the ascended Earth = Malden). Marked path ascended. Went another veil. The outcome of the shower (men) from the planet begins (through individual ascension ready people to him.)

Natalia: Metatron, I would like to understand in more detail than, say, the day before yesterday is different from today?

Metatron: I understand your concern. Difficult to determine for ourselves what has happened on the planet, because the planet itself is made eversion (Portal). We are in meditation and concentration to understand, assess what happened and how many such jumps can be on the planet for the final transition to the astral plane (Our planet goes into the 5th dimension, where the spiritual world is manifested along with the material world. That is, we keep the planet transformed material body and thus begin to see and hear the spiritual world), because the process is a new, unplanned. Being analyzed. We can not exactly explain.

Natalia: But that is the outcome of the dark forces (bad character) of the planet to the field, which to them meant?

Metatron: You know that the process is going, and he was strong with this jump, which has just occurred. This exodus began in the summer, he was strong and will continue to grow (shady characters who have chosen the Light, die to be born in one of the 2 planets duplicate Earth that created the Surya.
Unwilling to change bad character will be open portals through which they get to the planet that is close to their energy, for example, double-planet Earth. Planet-double Surya created 13,000 years ago to shower the Earth, did not want to experiment with Duality. Since the world is now dominated by Light, the world is dominated by a double-dark energy.)

Natalia: When it finishes

Metatron: The peak of the outcome of the dark forces (bad character) will be approximately in late winter — early spring. And then little by little — little by little, install into the new regime.

This will continue for several years. It depends on how they are able to organize. They offer the best case scenario, a beautiful and well-equipped planet with higher vibrations (compared to their world) (it is a 2-dimensional planet Earth duplicate the 4-volume measurement). Of course, for them it is also the path of ascension (as they will not be left in the 3rd Dimension, and move into a higher 4th dimension).

We are talking about the astral plane (the spiritual world), you are not quite sure what was happening. Still, the astral plane has no criminal structures, it contains a "typical" structure — fraud, dishonesty, deceit, bullying, violence … (Listed negative "structure" of the spiritual world, in addition to which there are positive "structure" of love, kindness, truth, etc. This will be attracted to like. From this example, we need to understand that not to turn to the spiritual world to use measurements the material world)

Natalie: Can you explain in more detail what is going on, because the whole planet is interested in their fate. How to look at it Arkhangelsk Force?

Metatron: Planet made eversion (Portal). It already was. Are new advances, gradually lowered the astral plane (the energy of the spiritual world), to the planet, the City of Light (the city of energy, which will be co-create people who ascended to the 5th Dimension) is getting closer and closer every day. You gradually grows into this reality, and it is possible that you do not even really aware of the moment when the astral plane (the spiritual world) srastetsya with the physical. Your consciousness (personality) are closed at the moment, and you grow into a new reality invisible to you. It's like the way it was.

Vladimir: December 21 will begin the alignment of the magnetic field lines with the Galactic Sun (the center of our galaxy Nibiru = Alcyone, where the Prime Creator gods Ra and 11 steps of the ladder of the Universe, which is also called the Annunaki)?

Metatron: If you want, I'll you align … (Co-configured human energy with energy = information coming from the center of the galaxy)

Vladimir: Yes, I want to …

Metatron: I want to line up your galactic settings? Natalya gets them directly from the Galaxy. Vladimir also anchored there the energy. You always can always get your settings once again, they are different, but I see no need, because in connection with the restructuring of the world had not yet settled, the variables are the wave (storm), a redistribution of forces, some go, while others come. Comes more light to the planet, and due to the departure of lower astral (low-energy vibrations on vices and passions), the planet becomes easier, less darkness in it (destructive energy). Due to this, it begins to rise vibration. Body begin to ignite the light of men. Who activated fiery body, they start to get excited and run to the planet itself. You do become a "working tool" of the world — those who have the fire of the body of the Christ. These bodies are beginning to work, about the same as running the astral body, to transform the space, to work on a common reality, as catalysts for change vibration acceleration plan, that is, they are points of portals draw in new galactic energy. After you goes galactic energy to the planet, and for us you are the specific luminaries that we see with whom keep in touch and work with. You zadeystvuete us, we will deploy the ie is already a very close bond between us.

Vladimir: The fire is spreading across or into the Earth passes through us?

Metatron: The fire is transformational. You take galactic energies, transform them in their fiery bodies, translate them to the planet. You do not know what that is at once the entire planet through the fire plans of the planet … You work through the grid of the planet of fire, through that structure of the Christ, which you have created. You transformational shield the planet, which takes the first galactic rays and transforms them to a lower dimension, and it is transformed to a lower, and so is the impact of the fire plans for the entire planet.

Vladimir: This process involves several million people?

Metatron: The top plan of a few thousand, and lower dimensions cover have probably millions of people. But all the billions on the lowest plan too get these transformational energy, but they are not as powerful as you are taking.

Natalia: Can we do something else?

Metatron: No, it is an automatic process, which we have already started, and you do not particularly something to work, because it is outside of your daily consciousness (personality). At night, you can do something to correct the fire of his body, but in the afternoon you are very difficult to understand the reality of the seventh measure, which acts as a shield around the planet receives energy transformation, and literally every person sends an individual charge, which he needs. All people require different charges, they glow in different colors, and you send it to each number and quality of the charge that you want certain people in the fifth dimension (ascending).

Vladimir: Tomorrow will be the autumn solstice. How do we work with?

Metatron: You have worked … You can meditate again, again raise the intention to create the Earth, to the new rays, everything is the same as usual. We have a special plan for you can not give, because all that has been made — quite. Well, a little bit is not your equinox … We can not say that we need such and such a particular job, but we are happy to hear from you again when you are connected to these beautiful days. We connect with you and through you for what we need, and you do through us what you need, what you understand, or what other teachers tell you, for example.

But I like Metatron, I can say that at the moment the main processes have already taken place … Fallout, so to speak, that is, the energy came to Earth

Vladimir: Now would be the stabilization energies?

Metatron: Stabilization will be a couple of days, and will be a new burst of energy. Burst of energy took place a few days ago, now there is a period of stabilization, and again poured this energy. The energy of each wave will grow a little bit to get you very gradually took galactic rays, and you are the filters of these energies. You acknowledge and filter the top of this energy and absorb much of this energy, enhances fire plan planet stabiliziruete position of the planet by fire shield. You are abroad receiving shock wave front, you put out the power of waves, they are transformed and are in the right mode and register, falling on different qualities in the "receiver" of those people who take a particular energy spectrum. You take the whole range of energies, and then you send people to the fifth dimension (ascending) specific energy packets that these people are able to take.

I thank you for your work, even though you have not realized it, it was done in the higher bodies (Soul or the person on the previous life of the soul that reached in its development level Teacher). But I congratulate the entire Union of the Christ (the level of spiritual development, which corresponds to the level of consciousness of Christ — the fourth rung of the ladder of the universe or in another 4th Dimension), which is already working with a good start of our work. I hope that we will take all the subsequent waves (energy), gradually expanding and opening and further connecting the fiery plane.

Interview with Sanat Kumara.

Natalia: Sanat Kumara, you can call and find out what is happening on your home planet?

(I feel like he's a little worried about even going through as a person).

Sanat Kumar: I am very happy to tell you that the first impulse was a planet.

Natalia: Why is this inversion (Portal) is different from what they were before? I wrote about this a couple of years ago …

Sanat Kumara: Earlier tremors were from solar initiation (from the Supreme Goddess Level 2 Surya, which has created and oversees our solar system), and now the galactic rays (from the center of our galaxy from the Prime Creator Pa and from the center of a nearby galaxy — from Betelgeuse) . Planet began to accept higher energy for its initiation (enlightenment), to acquire them due to the growth of consciousness (personality) of people and the planet. Even the animals have become a higher consciousness, and you can be sure that they are better than you realize.

Suffered a setback of some ships. Wave of light from the planet threw nizkovibratsionnye most ships, which, say, do not bear the good people, and tried to pick up something yourself. Is harder to access because the world has become more light. And after a while they are not able to stay here.

I'm happy for you that you have successfully passed a new level of energy on the planet. Many evolutionary energies came to Earth and was adopted by the fiery body of people that are already activated on the planet have enough people. We see that people mature, they become aware and understand what is happening better. They no longer seem to be a cacophony of our words, they begin to try to understand what was going on, evaluating different ways, but, in general, positive. I can say that the energy will increase, this is not the peak.

Now if you go through the level. You may skid foot on that stage. That's when you put it, then we will say that a certain stabilization of the movement, not as it is today, because while there are small waves. There will come a time of great energy stabilization and then rise again, slowly, with no catastrophes. At least, that is planned, and there are no conflicting factors that the plan did not materialize.

Natalia: What can you say about the outcome of the dark forces of the planet?

Sanat Kumara: Planet got twin (one dimensional planets duplicate 4D), the dark forces (spiv) transferred there. They are transported in an unconscious state, so they may not even be very realize that something has changed in their condition. The planet is favorable to their development, contains a large amount of energy. We do not in any way impair their interests, we, on the contrary, they are saved, because these entities are already living difficult. Another thing is that in the new world they will not be a parasite on someone, it will be necessary to produce the energy itself, to become self-sufficient, perhaps, some of them lose weight … However, it is all right. For them not to worry.

Also, do not worry about Earthlings, because I do not foresee anything serious or catastrophic.

Here you now have experienced a great leap of energy. Many of you have felt it — malaise or cloying energies that you took — lethargy or loss of strength. But all this time, all recovered. There will be a few more shocks. Every time you carry them easier and easier because they are of higher vibrations.

For our part, I can say that we are trying to smooth it all, transform so as not to strain the very planet. Our mood calm, and what you want.

Vladimir: Why Metatron said that they did not expect an independent inversion (portal opening) of the planet?

Sanat Kumara Planet — a living creature, she did it then, when it came to energy. We can only observe, We can not do the planet turn out … You turn inside at will, and the planet in the same way. We acknowledge that it happened. We expect further jumps, but we can not say exactly when it will be, because, like all living things, the planet can make any corrections itself — somewhere slow down, speed up somewhere, but overall the process predictable.

Vladimir: What do you want to add yourself?

Sanat Kumara: I can say that everything is stable and there is no reason to worry.

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