Two Messages from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael — Dear, your time has come (Portal 9/9).

6 September 2012. by Ron Head

Theme, we want to discuss today is the opportunity that you have at this time in connection with the opening of the portal 9/9 (September 9). What we promise you — began. You will have a whole week of unprecedented opportunity to renew itself, to become who you want to be. Each of you has worked on various aspects of their lives.

Some of you are trying to open a new talent, someone is trying to get rid of old habits, someone is looking for healing. Your Higher Selves (The soul of each person), the huge effect, part of which you are already aware of who they are. More than likely, they direct you to it. You can stop doing all this. Just trust, give himself to his higher self (soul) and his Creator. Set a goal to adopt and absorb so much love and light as you can at this time. Understand that we are talking about awareness of what you are doing. Your prayers and wishes heard. Your needs are known. We would advise you to be open, allowing and trusting. Breathe all the energy as much as you can, and with a sense of gratitude, let them make all the changes that you need so much.

If you have reached a state that allows you to feel the incoming energy, imagine how this energy flows into you, increases and becomes so powerful as possible. Who do you want to be? Imagine this. What do you want to do? Imagine this. Imagine all this in my heart. If your mind (mind) is still looking for reasons why this is not possible, or it may be difficult, just remind him that the creative force of the Universe — all this presents no problem.

Dear, your time has come. Most say about this site as something from which something should go, maybe it's true, but let it be for you to door home. Sign in with playful enthusiasm.

This short message is enough for today. We will have a few more for you to go before the door closes. Know we are here with you. We walk with you every moment.
Good luck.

Archangel Michael — We are waiting for your arrival at the festival in honor of you.

4 September 2012. by Ron Head

Today I want to talk to you like old friends. For each of you are very important to show determination to not lose your head and keep control of his emotions, when the next week (from 9 September) you'll pass through a powerful stream of cosmic and solar energies. At times you may feel very unusual and is not stable. Beliefs that you once took, the things which has long dealt with, may reappear in your life. Just feel the remains of all these energies are leaving you forever. Even the memory of them will no longer bother you from now on.

However, be aware that this is a difficult choice. It should be your choice to end it all. But, also remember that it was important lessons so heartily thank, bless and release them. All That also thank for the fact that you have reached this point, for the fact that you were given the opportunity.

Letting go of all these things, you will free space that must be filled. Think of how the personal qualities you seek and wish to buy. By doing this, you can never go wrong if you submit it, breathe and stuff yourself as much as possible the unconditional love of the Creator. Find the most remote and secluded little corners of your being and fill them with love. Whole self, with all that you have gone through and experienced — happy to take as much love. Send love to all whom you would like, or what you have dreamed of, maybe they are waiting for that love to wake up (activated).

Dear ones, this is the true power of prayer, that way intentionally create moment by moment. Do yourself as you will be next. Be creative every next moment themselves.

Also, we want to note that, from now on, it would be very helpful to you every day to make every effort to stay calm, as many things in your environment will start to go crazy. Much to do (things) that were part of your daily life, will quickly disappear due to its uselessness. It will be very easy to fall into a panic by this, and you will see it in others. We ask you, prepare to be quiet, to be the center of reason in these times. Most likely, you have already done that in my life. Learn to do it yourself, you now have the opportunity to teach others calm. Nothing is more important now than your mind.

Your aura (energy field) has a lot more influence than you think. You already feel the change in you, and they continue and become even more stronger. Those who read these messages are the ones who have decided to set an example to others. They can be teachers, but most will have to be just examples. This — the most effective form of learning, after all.

We ask you to re-submit yourself as you want to be and keep in your mind that in the next week. In this way you will energize your dreams and this energy will fulfill your dreams in what you call your reality. This reality, in fact, already exists, make a little effort and you will begin to notice how your thoughts are embodied in your life day by day. Because, as you know exactly what you yourself create everything that happens in your life, a time delay between your idea and its manifestation becomes not so important. This control, which was necessary in order not to allow each of your thoughts immediately become reality, in fact, was a gift. Understanding this process will teach you to independently exercise such control.

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