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Stumbled on another batch of amazing photos of nature and the Far East could not resist to place the second part it photo essay. Only this time the tour will take place in the underwater world of Primorye.

So, off the coast of the Gulf of Peter the Great us a friendly welcome Larga (spotted seal).

Octopus on the bottom of the bay ore.

Wild beluga whales in the same

King crab.

Hairy crab.


Catfish (not to be confused with the smelt, catfish) — one of the largest fish in the waters of the bay Ore. Length of more than 1m. It feeds on molluscs, crustaceans and fish. Canine teeth, change every year.


Triozere. Scala Cruiser, jellyfish Aurelia eared.

Silfidnaya jellyfish. Distributed to all DV seas kept in surface water. Size up to 400 mm, weight up to 5kg.

Again bay ore. Comb from the family Bolinopsisov.

Monkfish (Clione limacina)

Agonomal proboscidean.

Agonomal proboscidean-small benthic fish (up to 20cm) from the family Lisichkovyh (Agonidae). In Primorye, lives 15 species of fish in this family. Live permanently at the bottom, perfectly camouflaged. Moves along the ground with the help of fins, swim always reluctantly. In the Bay Area Ore occurs at depths of about 20m and sand and pebble ground.

Hermissenda crassicornis — Hermissenda Tolstousov.

Sakhalin Chanterelle (Latin Brachyopsis segaliensis, ang. Longsnout poacher). To 30 cm in length

this is a common bottom fish from the family lisichkovyh (in our waters them, there are 15 species). Polyhedral structure of the body is covered with rows of bony plates that form a sort of armor.

Pregnant fox at the bottom. Spawn in our waters in May and June.

Author underwater shots LJ user shpatak

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