UCP will consider the matter personally Romanchuk


February 7 about 11 hours to begin meeting of the National Committee of the United Civil Party. Some members of the party, referring to the communist era, has called his discussion of the personal affairs of former presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk. They argue that the statement of the former candidate on December 20 shared attitude of party members.

The guide of the United Civil Party three. Chairman Anatoly Lebedko behind bars "American." He was temporarily replaced by Honorary Chairman — Stanislav Bogdanovich. In their places two deputies — Lev Margolin and Yaroslav Romanchuk.

What will our party members to discuss today? — I asked Lev Margolin:

"The agenda of the day — three questions on the outcome of the presidential election campaign, the situation within the party and the challenges for the coming period."

I asked a friend, or will arise, in his view, the debate question about the behavior of the presidential candidate of the UCP?

"Of course there will. Especially we are in the agenda is not set. But this topic can not be avoided. "

When asked whether in his personal attitude to the behavior of Yaroslav Romanchuk Lev Margolin replied:

"Of course, it is. But I would not want it to sound, to no pressure on the other has not. We just want to talk honestly and openly. And to come to a consensus. Should listen Yaroslav., He met with me, but with the majority of the asset — no.'s why I do not want to say anything yet. "

And that's one of the veterans of the UCP Viktor Kornienko said: Romanchuk deserves expulsion from the party:

"In this situation it is necessary to take into account all. And I also take into account all — and the fact that there was pressure on Yaroslav, and everything else. I think it has no place in the UCP. It not only led our organization, but also very spoiled the image of the organization, when he gave performance to other candidates. It seems to me that this is a very serious mistake, and you should answer. "

By the way, the report on the first issue will do Yaroslav Romanchuk himself. On this occasion, he said, "Freedom":

"I will have a report on how the campaign was, as I appreciate. Also I have a vision of how the party should be built, how it can capitalize on the achievements that have been during the campaign. There are also recommendations on how to act in regional and central organizations, when the chairman of the party is in prison. Personally, I think that today would be inappropriate to question the chairman of the party, because the only chairman who is and who it will be, it Anatoly Lebedko. "

I asked the former presidential candidate, is he ready for what will raise the issue at the meeting to expel him from the party?

"We'll see how Natsky friends will react. We justify all proposals, all issues democratically. Going to vote, we have a democracy."

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