UFO staged a dance to the music in the sky above the Danube River (VIDEO)

49 glowing "UFO" had a dance to the music in the sky above the Danube River (VIDEO)

Residents and guests of the Austrian city of Linz witnessed the amazing beauty of the phenomenon: in the night sky circled luminous cloud, takes the whimsical shape and change the color. Upon closer inspection, it turned out cloud cluster set of "Fireflies", with amazing synchronicity of the summer in the pack. Tourists first visited Linz, it could take over what he saw flying aliens.

However, for the majority of witnesses secret luminous cloud did not exist — many have especially come to the city to watch as for the "fireflies", and for other amazing installations, prepared by the participants of the festival Voestalpine Klangwolke, on 1 September. As part of this cultural event, held annually on the banks of the Danube in the center after a concert composer Anton Bruckner, and took the unusual flight of the "cloud."

"Fireflies", it constituted, in fact turned out to kvadrakopterami — small aircraft, remotely controlled from the ground. By the abdomen of each of the 49 quadrocopter, who took part in the flight, was attached flashlight. So the aircraft itself against the dark sky was almost invisible, and viewers have seen a spot of light.

Quadrocopter flew up into the air to the sounds of the waltz and began to form a remarkably accurate figure. "Fireflies" lined diamond, "spun" it in space. There were also three-dimensional shapes — spirals, spheres, and something strange. Along the way, kvadrakopterov lanterns flickered and changed color from white to red and blue.

Klangwolke festival was first held in Linz in 1979. According to the organizers, he had to combine two cultural event — a festival of art and modern technology Ars Electronica Festival and the International Brucknerfest, stated on the website of the event. Within Klangwolke audience, the number of which, as a rule, reaches 100,000 people, have the opportunity to enjoy classical music in modern processing. The concert is accompanied by a laser and light shows and fireworks.

Also on the site of the festival, the participants set a variety of lighting design and projections. Examples of some of the installations, and video rehearsal flight kvadrakopterov festival organizers publish in your blog.

September 9 in Linz continuation of the festival will take place — in the Klassische Klangwolke will be a concert of classical music. Expected to address women's and youth choirs and orchestra of Linz Bruckner.


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