Ulan-Ude residents saw winter rainbow

 Multicolored arc appeared over the capital of Buryatia at about 27 degrees Celsius during the day on Monday, told RIA Novosti on Monday Hydrometeorological representative republic.

The unusual phenomenon was the result of refraction of sunlight at the frost, it heralds the imminent warming.

"The phenomenon is called the winter rainbow halo, it is the result of refraction of sunlight. Halo occurs with the appearance of thin cirrus clouds composed of ice crystals at an altitude of about six kilometers from the earth. Usually it is formed around the sun in the form of an arc, and see a rainbow, standing back to the sun, "- he said.

Summer rainbow colored much brighter in color across the spectrum, and is painted a pale halo, it is dominated by red and orange. There are not only the halo in the form of an arc, and circle around the sun.

"This phenomenon is usually just before the weather changes that will occur in the next two days," — as he said.

On Monday morning in Ulan-Ude, the temperature dropped to 34 degrees, causing the cancellation of classes for primary school children.

"Tuesday will release a little cold, but the wind will be uncomfortable, but to the environment will warm by about ten degrees," — he said.

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