UN scientists are confused about the issues of climate

Records of the World Meteorological Organization, released in late November, at a conference in Durban, South Africa, shock and make their details to seriously think about what is really happening to our planet. According to published documents, for the last 15 years there has been a serious increase in the average temperature of the earth, and is on every continent. Extreme weather conditions, which are set around the world because of this strong warming, promote severe droughts in some parts of the world and the anomalous rainfall in others. Our world is changing and we are already beginning to feel the changes, and to the side there will be none of us. Climate change is directly related to hunger, disease and stability in all corners of the Earth.

"We strongly believe that the world is getting warmer, and not without the help of man" — says the Deputy Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization, the United Nations, Jerry Lengoasa. Throughout 2011, the La Nina phenomenon, which is usually associated with abnormal climatic events in the Asia-Pacific, South America and Africa, suddenly became apparent in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Given that the Pacific Ocean and is famous for its seismic instability, strong underwater eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis, the local residents not to be envied, the more that forecasts 2012 year is even worse. Scientists fear the natural — klimatichkogo collapse, because the balance between the seasons of the temperature ratio has changed dramatically.

Report in Durban came simultaneously with the UN meeting on climate change, which mainly addresses the actions of countries, ranked first by the release of gases into the atmosphere, which many analysts still believe the main cause of global warming. At a conference on climate statistics have been repeated that such high temperatures on the planet, were observed in 2011, there were more than 60 years. We are talking about the average temperatures in different regions, and scientists can not find enough weighty explanation occurring anomalies. It is fashionable and easier to talk about the human influence on climate, but all the more illogical, because winters are colder and colder seasons we are seeing abnormally low temperatures.

Lack of logic in the calculation of UN scientists who blew the whole world about the urgent need to reduce emissions, consists in the fact that all of the schematic models and forecasts from year to year are not met. Dramatic warming of the planet is likely to be temporary, as the increase in average temperature by 2-3 degrees, yes, will certainly lead to the melting of ice at the poles, which is already happening, but then, most likely, there will be a sharp turn, followed by a sharp cold snap that , coupled with the increase of seismic activity, could easily lead to the beginning of a new ice age. Recent reports confusing the scientists themselves, as forecasts of the coming cold weather suddenly changes to a completely opposite and vice versa. All this only shows that we did not know our Earth and forced to submit to a process that is happening to her, and watch.

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