Unknown beast maim sheep in Bashkortostan

In the village of the district showed up Saygafarovo Baimak unknown creature. So say the locals, the cattle have been affected by the attacks.

Saygafarovo village in the area Baimak literally stands on the ears. Fear leads an unknown animal. Attacks occur every night. What exactly is going on in the barn after dark, no one knows, but on the morning show hosts mutilated sheep and goats.

Over the last month is already the fifth night attack on pets. Particularly impressionable villagers night guest called Chupacabra. It is a mystical creature in different countries pointing fingers at the death of the sheep. According to legend, the animal is a dog with a half-meter spikes on the body and huge red eyes. Feeds on the blood of goats, sheep, rabbits and other animals.

However, the village headman in the existence of a mysterious beast believes. Words villager confirmed Sc.D., professor of Bashkir peduniversiteta Marat Migranov. According to him, in the described incidents are guilty or wolves or stray dogs, or, even worse, their hybrid.

This version is the fact that the nocturnal animal does not touch chickens (wolves in principle they do not care) and intentionally kills a whole flock of sheep, even if can not carry more than one. Are their hallmark. Well, the version with the Chupacabra scientists dismiss with a smile. They say that it is nothing more frightening than fiction.

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