Unusual — in the southern Urals occurred white night

Residents of the northern regions of the Chelyabinsk region in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, have witnessed an unusual phenomenon: the darkness suddenly receded, and a few hours it was as light as day, then again, it was dark. According to witnesses, the night began, as usual, at the appointed time, it was dark, the sky was overcast, so no stars, no moon was visible. In 23 hours darkness outside was quite common, but, as noted by the residents of the Upper Ufaleya, by the hour of the night on the street suddenly brightened. It is reported that it was possible without additional lighting reading small text on a pack of cigarettes, and windows to make out numbers of cars, sleeping in the yard, where the lights were not burning. Ufaleytsy, it happens in the north of Russia, said that it looks like a white night, behind the polar circle in anticipation of the midnight sun. The air was not only clear, he seems to be slightly glowing. By 6 am, it was dark again.

Witnessed an unusual steel and residents Karabash. One of the staff of the local administration told the publication "New Region", in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, woke up and saw through the window a phenomenon resembling the dawn. But at that time there were only 3 in the morning, and at that time, in March in the Urals is not exactly dawns.

One of the staff Kourovka Astronomical Observatory suggested that this phenomenon can be explained by the fact that now the moon is near full moon: "On Saturday it as close to the ground, maybe her people took a shine white night. Other explanations, we can not find. " Another employee Kourovka Observatory suggested that this phenomenon is not astronomical and atmospheric. It is possible that in some way it is related to industrial emissions.

In Chelyabinsk weather center this view is not shared. According to forecasters, the phenomenon is unlikely due to industrial action: emissions still can not light up in the dark. "We do not report such phenomena. In the Chelyabinsk region have seen the aurora, maybe this time we are dealing with an unusual phenomenon for the region ", — stated in the weather.

It is known that the January 7, 1990 in Chelyabinsk residents observed an unusual glow at night — the sky blazed blue-turquoise color, alternating in the middle of yellow-ocher. January 11, 1750 at five o'clock in the morning the sky was strong luminescence as described in the "History of the Cossacks of Asiatic Russia." According to eyewitnesses, the aurora in Chelyabinsk were also observed in 1942, 1948, 1957 and 1963. However ufaleytsy Karabash and say nothing like the aurora was not there in the street unexpectedly light, and the air is slightly glowing.

In Russia, an unusually bright nights at unusual times and in unusual place already observed: in 1908, after the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. Then, within a few days throughout the European part of Russia and in Western Siberia (and throughout Europe until the Atlantic coast) attracted the attention of the population unusual light nights.

Reports of meteorite in March in the Chelyabinsk region have been reported. So, given the small number of witnesses to this phenomenon, we can assume that it is linked to the full moon, the light of which the scattered cloud cover, took place in the night and caused the glow that was seen by many as an anomaly.

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