Usa summoned to the KGB

Former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss, who passes on charges of rioting as a suspect, was summoned to the KGB.

"I called the KGB at 10 am, with a lawyer.'m Preparing to go there" — said the dig "Interfax".

The former candidate has refused to report in connection with which he was summoned to the KGB. He also refused to comment on a number of media reports that he can now be charged.

As previously reported, D. Uss was arrested on the night of 20 December, and then in the media received his statement where he condemned the "rioting and attempt to capture the power of the House of Government." The suspect in the case of the riots in Minsk on December 19, Dmitri Uss, is under house arrest.

According to the Human Rights Center "Viasna", in criminal case the riots in Minsk on December 19 2010 are 42 defendants and 12 suspects.

33 of the 42 defendants in custody, 2 — under house arrest, 7 — under house arrest. With 12 suspects in custody 1, 9 — under house arrest, two are outside the country.

The defendants 5 ex-presidential candidates: Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich, Ales Mikhalevich (located and the KGB detention center), Nyaklyayeu (under house arrest), Vitaly Rymashevski (released on bail).

Among the suspects are two ex-presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou and Dmitry Uss, of them under house arrest.

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