Veiled threat: awaken dormant volcanoes

Scientists around the world have seen a sharp increase in volcanicActivity on Earth. Many of the "sleeping" Volcanoes began to show signs of life. Especially dangerous is the so-called supervolcanoes, the force of the eruption which is the explosion of several nuclear bombs simultaneously. The possibility of the eruption is 12 times more than the fall of the meteorite. The likelihood that it will happen in our lifetime — 0.15%, experts say. "Utro" rating was hiding volcanoes, which can at any time to wake up.


In the awakening volcano this is not the worst. Located in the mountain hollow, whose name is Death Valley, in California's Mojave Desert, the crater up to 1 km wide and 237 m deep. Magma, which accumulates in the subsoil can meet the groundwater, causing quite a violent explosion. Gases welling to the surface at a speed of 320 km / h, but because the volcano is situated in a desolate wilderness, a person does not suffer from its eruption.


More serious are the consequences of the eruption of the volcano Katla, which is December 2, 2011 is showing signs of life. This giant, hidden under the surface of one of the largest glacier in Iceland, Europe faces serious disasters. The diameter of the crater is 10 km, so the eruption could cause major flooding, melt the ice, causing hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of water will rush into the Atlantic, sweeping away everything in its path. Ashen cloud becomes so dense that the sun's rays are reflected, which is why the planet will overtake cooling. Toxic properties of acrid smoke and can not speak — within a few kilometers of all life extinct.


A month earlier, in October 2011, scientists reported the activity of Bolivian Uturunku which inevitably rapidly accumulating magma, and so, too, will soon explode. And the forecast for now is not encouraging. Ash and sulfur gases emissions can reach the stratosphere and, like a blanket, cover the globe. Gases are converted into sulfuric acid, which will fall to Earth along with precipitation. A similar effect will cause the alleged nuclear winter.

Yellowstone caldera

One of the most dangerous volcanoes of the Earth is supervolcano, which lies in the Yellowstone National Park in the U.S. state of Wyoming. In fact, the entire park is located in the caldera, that is in the basin of the volcano. Its eruption generate planetary cataclysm. Thousands of kilometers around killed all life, lava flows can cover half the territory of the United States, and the ashes will envelop the Earth. Global temperature will drop to several degrees.


Volcano from Sumatra is known most powerful eruption in recorded history. About 70 — 80 thousand years ago, he threw so much lava that it could cover the entire territory of Russia vosmisantimetrovym layer. A column of ash up to 50 km and reached the edge of the stratosphere. Because of the ensuing volcanic winter sharply reduced the number of living creatures, including humans. Because of this evolution on time literally stopped.


Under the picturesque lake in the North Island of New Zealand is the silent volcano. After a powerful explosion 26.5 thousand years ago, when the surface of the spilled about 530 cubic kilometers of magma that cover up to 80 km around the water filled the caldera. Now the volcano is quiet, but the eruption of such giants usually occur at intervals of a thousand years.


The crater of the volcano, which is located in California, near Mammoth Mountain, reaches 2600 meters. The last time it erupted 700 thousand years ago. Then the red-hot magma all burnt out thousands of square kilometers around. Volcanic ash covering almost the entire western United States.


The world's third largest volcano located in Tenerife — one of the Canary Islands. Currently dormant Teide, the risk of eruption is very high. International Association of Volcanology named him one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. With the explosion of it can break off huge boulder that a fall in the ocean will cause a powerful tsunami.


Neapolitan volcano had once showed their destructive power. In I. BC powerful eruption destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. , Killing 25,000 people. Vesuvius is silent now, but it is a concern. Experts believe that the more lasting period of rest, the greater will be the inevitable eruption. Ash, who will break free, able to cover the whole territory of southern Europe.


It is expected that this giant to wake up in 50 years. During the eruption of Mount Elbrus melted snow will immediately volcanic mudflow from the eastern slope, which will extend to 50 kilometers. The flow rate of up to 20 m / sec. This can cause a disaster, as is nearby Tyrnyauz city, where more than 20,000 people.

Simeon Polotsk

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