Video: A practical test lamp manufactured by OptoGaN

On sdelanounas have repeatedly written about "OptoGaN" developing and manufacturing LED lamps and luminaires.  

The example video Sergei Lurie (Senior Expert of External Communications "RUSNANO") in practice compares the lamp "Optolyuks" conventional incandescent lamps and energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp.

The first check — for resistance to overvoltage. We started with a small overload — 240, and began to slowly raise the voltage. At 285 V fluorescent lamp burns out. The voltage was turned off, put on the controller 290, and again turned on the power. Because of the current surge through the cold spiral bulb is faulty. LED lamp continued to work as if nothing had happened.

The second test — on impact. By lamps uncomplicated knocked hammer. The glass bulb incandescent and fluorescent "sberegayki" as expected, did not survive such vandalism and broke with the first blow. "Optolyuks" ignored several times, despite the fact that the assistant, which became a rage every time beat stronger. Such strength optoganovskoy products provides Polycarbonate (and even if it would still be able to split, fragments will be not as dangerous as glass). Electronics lamp is also confirmed its impact — a lamp shining all the time.



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