Video: Effective nanofilters

In the garage after the German experiment nanodoskoy still remained nedolomannaya furniture, but the experiment went to another plane: now healthy men smoke into the filter and check its capabilities in the world.

In the apparatus used the titanium dioxide nanoparticles with the addition of platinum and palladium. Under ultraviolet radiation (320-400 nm), the impurities in the room (gas, dust, viruses, bacteria) can be expanded. Thus there remains no odor.

Produces Such filters Russian company Aerolayf. In the video — two filter options: large — to work in the smoking rooms in public places (airports, etc.), and small — household cleaner for the apartment, the Deliverer from dust and other things. These filters are also used to kill bacteria in operating for example, they have successfully tested and used in a GP clinic Laser Center "Astra" Russian Ministry of Health.

Without going into the details of semiconductor physics, magic devaysa described can be explained as follows: under the action of ultraviolet light on the titanium oxide on the surface of the filter is an incredible way to form clusters of oxygen ions O-and OH-radicals, which directly oxidize any organic material with which they interact ( some inorganic compounds also will not be able to survive the ravages of the particles). Impurities do not accumulate in the filter, and ultraviolet radiation in the presence of the photocatalyst to decompose completely harmless components of the natural air environment.

Destroyed particle size — 0.001 microns — this value is comparable with the size of viruses and molecules is the physical minimum that can be achieved in principle. Small household filter manages an hour filter 100 cubic meters, killing the 94-96% of the dust to 4 microns and 99% of the dust is larger than 4 microns.

Filters "Airlife": 

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