Video shooting white «yeti»

As follows from the explanations accompanying the recording was made December 29, 2009 near the small town of Carbondale (Carbondale) in Pennsylvania — in the woods next to a private home.

Filmed allegedly landlord — like this very Bobywade. To take up the camera it sounds prompted a fuss, which could be heard for several days from the neighborhood. Hearing them again, the operator made his way into the thicket, going to the source. Turn the camera with illumination on the record. And in 21 hours, 53 minutes to the local time at the spot projector camera got "it". And that impressed.

Face with white fur

About 30 seconds of the shooting screen appears humanoid. But not entirely, as in "the famous film Gimlin-Patterson. Receive one person only. If it can be called a furry face.

A little less than a second creature looks directly at the camera, then turns and fast — jerk — runs away.

Of course, it was a "Bigfoot" — aka Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Bigfoot, as they call the North Americans. Who else — with such a person?

According Bobywade, being towered more than 2 meters. And before the escape, there were about five meters away from the camera.

— I was going to shoot a fox, — the operator — in the extreme case a deer. And there is! Do not expect …

Added surprise suit karbondeylskogo "yeti". It — white. Color — is not running for the representatives of this species. Usually, they are dark brown, or at least red. Or even black. Unless, of course, to believe the eyewitnesses. It seems that the Sasquatch was shot today in the video, an albino. While it is possible that he was gray. Because elderly.

Real Sasquatch

Examination movie made Bobywade, recently spent cryptozoology of authoritative organization of the North American Sasquatch Watch. Publication of the results and stirred interest in the network is laid out two years ago (2010) frames.

The researchers reported that Sasquatch, embodied in Carbondale, this. That is a real being, and not some idiot dressed in a stupid furry suit. Like, the head, caught in the frame has a distinctive conical shape — and a must have Sasquatch. Greatly distended mouth, thin upper lip, thick eyebrows, lifted high shoulders that hide the neck, also correspond to the "rock."

I was astonished by the huge black eyes and a rather thin nose, who was able to see a very close-up. Cryptozoology even suggested that the female was filmed.

Creature, chopped out the spotlight, showed a fair agility — turned away swiftly metnuvshis aside. On this point, the organization of Sasquatch Watch expressed in the sense that evolution endowed Sasquatch amazing ability to "dissolve" in the environment. All the intelligence they use that to improve their ability to burrow and hide. From this — so elusive.

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