Viktor Vekselberg has invested in the Ukrainian startup Jelastic

Yesterday Zhitomir company Jelastic announced on attracting investment from the Russian Foundation Maxfield Capital, run by billionaire Viktor Vekselberg's partner Alexander Turkot. Details of the transaction were not disclosed. Based on the company's size and stage of investment, managing partner of the venture fund AVentures Capital Eugene Sysoev evaluates the transaction amount of $ 2.5 million

Jelastic is developing a cloud platform for hosting Java and PHP-applications. Forbestelling stories aboutin the December issue of the journal in 2012.

In the wake of "Skolkovo" Ukrainian company receives investment for the third time. At the seed stage, in December 2010, the startup raised $ 0.5 million from venture fund Runa Capital, and in May of 2012 — $ 2 million from the fund Almaz Capital and Foresight Ventures. Another $ 1 million the company received a grant from the Fund "Skolkovo" in July 2012.


Jelastic Founder Ruslan Sinitskii says that it is in "Skolkovo" met future investor. Until August 2012 Turkot was executive director of the cluster of information technology innovation center "Skolkovo". At the beginning of 2013th, he announced the creation of its own venture capital fund Maxfield Capital for $ 100 million principal investor of the fund was the group of companies "Renova"Viktor Vekselberg(№ 4 Russian to Forbes, $ 15.1 billion), which introduced into the Maxfield Capital to $ 50 million

According Turkot, the fund focuses on investments in start-ups in the initial stage (rounds A and B), and the average deal size — $ 2.3 million When you start Maxfield Capital Turkot noted that special attention will be paid to the fund projects that have been approved by "Skolkovo . " According Sinitsky, Turkot knows the subject area in which it operates Jelastic and, moreover, offered a good financial condition.

The new top Jelastic is considered one of the most promising startups in the cloud computing industry in the world. According to managing partner of Runa Capital Dmitry Chikhacheva, the company's revenue increased by 30% every month. "The company is actively growing and is on the international market of enterprise software," — wrote yesterday PR-director of Runa Capital Liliana Pertenava in response to Forbes.

In addition to attracting a new investor, the company announced a change of chief executive officer. While serving as CEO Sinitsky changed American John Derrick. "It was hard to be a CEO and CTO at the same time" — explains Sinitskii. According to him, they, along with investors have developed criteria that search was conducted of the new project manager. "John is better suited for the other candidates," — says Sinitskii. One of the reasons for bringing Derrick he calls the opening of a new business — Jelastic will provide its services to large corporate customers.

Prior to his appointment to the Jelastic Derrick for 20 years working in technology companies and venture capital funds. For more than 10 years — at IBM, later held senior posts in the Chicory Systems and Conformative Systems. Since 2009, he was chief operating officer of the American MIPS Technologies. "We Jelastic has it all: a phenomenal technology, an advanced development team and an innovative product designed to solve real business problems in the field of enterprise software," — said in a statement on behalf of Derrick.

Sinitskii is CTO and chief architect of the company. He will lead the development of a platform Jelastic in Zhitomir. Derrick will manage the company's business from its headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

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