Vitaly Churkin: Russia will not allow the Syrian opposition to take a seat at the UN

Russia will strongly resist attempts to take the place of the Syrian opposition in the country of the United Nations, said the Russian permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin.


"UN — an intergovernmental organization. You can not just take her seat in the opposition groups that have not been due process legitimizing ", — The diplomat said."We will vigorously oppose it", — WarnedVitaly Churkin, expressed hope that the international community will not allow this to happen.

"Most of the member countries of the United Nations responsible enough and respect this international institution. I think they understand that if something like this happens, it really undermine the position of the world body ", — Said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

He warned the country that support the Syrian opposition, assuming that her appearance at the UN, they"Themselves at risk in the future prove to be a victim of such manipulation".

Vitaly Churkin said that in yesterday during the debate on the situation in Mali, the Security Council noted the chaotic situation in the country, but, nevertheless, stressed the importance of holding elections there is of necessity"Create legitimate authorities".

"Unfortunately, for some reason, they follow the Syrian issue in a different way, which is harmful to international relations", — The representative of Russia.

The intention to seek a place in the United Nations, which is now owned by the representatives of the government of Bashar al-Assad, said this week at the Arab League summit in Doha, the head of the National Coalition opposition and revolutionary forces (NKORS) SyriaAhmed Muaz al-Khatib. On Tuesday, the official representative of the UN Secretary-General Martin Nesirky stressed that the legitimacy of the Syrian opposition to set up a "provisional government" of the country and its status at the UN"Must address the country members of the World Organization".

Some observers say the inadmissibility of statements and positions the head NKORS supporting opposition PAH."You can not pick up and move the delegation of any state in the United Nations. The place belongs to the country, its government, and before get it, the opposition must be recognized by the countries-members of the organization as the legitimate representative of the people ", — Said a diplomatic source at the headquarters of the world body.

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