Vladikavkaz has opened an updated Clinical Emergency Hospital

In the capital of North Ossetia, on July 11, the official opening of the hospital emergency room (KBSP). Treatment facility, equipped with the latest equipment, took the first patients.

In addition to funding from the federal budget, which is more than 350 million rubles in the next 2 years were spent update KBSP 50 million rubles from the city budget.

The main building KBSP with five offices — intensive care, therapy, trauma, surgery and burn center, are "not only in line with average standards, but also reached the European level." There is a comfortable house, a new operating tables, shadowless lamp, X-ray machines, ultrasound and respiratory equipment, endoscopic racks and other equipment needed to urgently and effectively save lives.


Hospital Burn Center is equipped with medical-burn beds filled with special microbeads, allowing painless change bandages sick. Also upgraded KBSP appeared digital communications. The hospital is connected to the server, through which there is an internal connection and the possibility of direct access to those clinics in Moscow, whose assistance may be required in patients.

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