Vladimir has opened a modern children’s tuberculosis ward

Vladimir renovated outdoor children's TB department of the city hospital number 2. It is located in a separate one-story building, which is in dire need of renovation.

As told in the press service of the regional administration, thanks to a dedicated during the 2008-2011 years, nearly three million rubles from the city budget were able to replace the roof of the building, window and door frames, as well as repair the water supply system. And last year, at the expense of the allocated 8.9 million rubles from the regional budget in the building of children's tuberculosis department was renovated premises, mounted ventilated facade and modern forced-air ventilation. Quality repair the building and installation of ventilation workers held a short period, from June to December 2012.

Children's department is designed for 30 beds. Every year in the hospital receive treatment profile about 70 children. 30% of young patients department — the people of Vladimir, 70% — the young people of the region.

Assistance in equipping all rooms renovated offices with new furniture was provided to sponsors.

— In recent years much has been done in the field of modernization of the region's health. Sociological studies show an increase in positive ratings of health. This is very important because everything that is done must be done in the interests of the people. We have increased fertility: it was 7.4 per thousand births, by the end of 2011 — 10.9, now 11.8. I note that any reforms are always difficult to start, but the transfer of authority to provide medical care to the level of the area has already proved its validity. Repairs carried out by children's TB department — to further confirmation. This is not the last object that we are open. Let's move on, — said Nikolai Vinogradov at the opening ceremony.

The medical director of city hospital number 2 Igor Tikhonov thanked the Regional Administration for help and pointed out that the hospital hopes this year to renovate another children's department, which is located within the walls of the hospital.

After the ceremonial ribbon cutting head of the region handed over to medical staff as a gift and a modern TV with the chief physician agencies toured the renewed separation, examining children's wards, utility rooms, treatment rooms, a games room and dining room.

Changes in the appearance and operation of child TB Department praised the chief TB of Grigory Volchenkov.

— I must say that we were in a good many of our colleagues are jealous of TB services of the Russian Federation, when they come and see the condition of our facilities. Today's opening of the office — another step towards improving this area. This office is designed with a central Research Institute of Tuberculosis and American experts. It is provided for controlled ventilation, ie healthy and clean air, which then also disinfected. As a result of increased maintenance department ward area was zoned: there is a "clean" area for the staff, "medium risk zone" and two insulators that are under negative pressure in the ventilation system. Vladimir region — demonstration area in the European part of Russia's proliferation risk of nosocomial infection. This separation — the continuation of this trend. I'm sure the kids here will be comfortable and safe, "- said TB specialist.

Recall, baby tuberculosis ward was opened in Vladimir in 2000, after the close of such a unit at CRH Sobinskoye district. Today the office is the only hospital in the area, providing around the clock specialized TB medical care to children. This treatment is usually long: young patients are carried out on average more than 160 days.
Money for treatment comes from the regional treasury. In recent years the department is fully equipped with the necessary medical personnel, there are no problems with drugs, soft items and food.

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