Vladimir has opened a new perinatal center

December 28 Vladimir ceremony of putting into operation the Perinatal Center.

Center was built in 1990. The cost of construction has exceeded 600 million, most of the money — from the city budget. Complete construction of the object in its entirety let the program "Modernization of Health Vladimir region in 2011 — 2012 years." Also in the framework of the program for the Perinatal Center purchased an additional 67 units of medical equipment worth 80 million rubles.

Currently completed construction — assembly work in the blocks "B" and "B" of the total area of 4917.9 m2, received permission from the administration of Vladimir on the facility to operate.

Operating equipped with an operating table, tracking monitors, anesthesia — respiratory equipment, open intensive care complex, a place anesthesiologist — resuscitator. In the generic will have beds for receiving deliveries, lamps, respiratory equipment, open resuscitation facilities.

Department of newborns equipped with incubators, phototherapy lamps, equipment for respiratory (breathing) support, cribs for babies, neonatal intensive care places.

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