Vladimir Neklyaeva were taken to check the stomach

Nyaklyayeu met with lawyers and doctors examined him. Paul Seviarynets in "American" reads the Bible and wrote a novel. Relatives Irina Khalip hope it will be possible to conclude an agreement with the "reliable counsel."


February 5 Nyaklyayeu met at his house with lawyers who defend it. This is "Radio Liberty" said the wife of former presidential candidate Olga Neklyaeva. Since January 30, Vladimir Neklyaeva kept under house arrest at his apartment. Talking to journalists, talking on the phone and Internet access policies are prohibited. Including to Vladimir Neklyaeva not let his daughter Eve. Mr. Nekljaev sent a KGB statement on a date with her daughter, said Olga Neklyaeva. Here is an excerpt telephone conversation with Olga.

Reporter: "And to whom the letter was addressed to?"

Olga Neklyaeva:
"Vladimir, who do you write? KGB chairman and the chief of the investigation department. Answer is no."

February 4, Vladimir Neklyaeva taken to the examination the doctors — he checked the stomach. "Prescription drugs", — says Olga Neklyaeva a result of the inspection. Politician's wife hopes that later he will make a comprehensive physical examination.


It became known that the protection of Rockets attorney refused Tamara Garaeva legal advice from the Soviet area. Under the pretext of employment. Relatives of the journalist, which is held under house arrest, did not rule out that the failure was the result of pressure on the lawyer. Like, she is forced to agree to a public defender. Are you able to overcome the problem of finding a new lawyer for the wife of Andrei Sannikov? Irina's father Vladimir Khalip Today was more optimistic.

"A bit like akreslilasya. On Monday, most likely, will be decided finally. This, I believe, will be the man to whom we trust."

According to Vladimir Khalip his daughter is doing well, all the while giving the son of Danica.

"The mood in her normal. This is not one of those who falter."

But as the husband of Irina Khalip ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, about it this week, there was no new information. Mother politics Alla Sannikov very upset about this.

"Everything. Until 31 something began to stir, but after that, no letters, as well as a lawyer will not let him."

Alla recently ill cold. "Thank you, now better'm starting to go out," — said the mother of Andrei Sannikov, the question of health.

The protest in the KGB. Alexander Atroschankau, portrait

Ales Otroshchenkov wife Daria reported that it had received a letter from her husband. "He writes that he is healthy, everything is fine," — said Dasha Otroshchenkov and added information about his cousin Timothy Alexander, who was also arrested on the events of the 19th of December.

"Timothy Otroshchenkov interrogated Akrestin, today we sent him a lawyer. Says forced to sign some kind of explanation, and he did not sign.'s See what's next. Tomorrow at seven-thirty he needs to go, and if it does not come out, we will consult, what to do. "

Anatoly Lebedko

Paul Seviarynets

Dmitry Bondarenko

Also, a letter from the KGB jail were relatives Anatoly Lebedko and Paul Sevyarinets.

Anatoly Lebedko wrote a lot of reading, including read Bulgakov's novel "The White Guard".

Seviarynets Paul said that he wrote in prison, a novel about life in Belarus, and managed to have it sold to the Bible and read this holy book.

Meanwhile, a large part of the relatives of prisoners "American" for some reason the letter does not reach.

For example, only one letter more than a month findings have relatives from the coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko.

According to human rights activists, accused of involvement in the riots on December 19, has put up at least 43 people. More than 10 the number of suspects.

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