Vladimir Putin described the development strategy of military aviation

Planned to buy nearly 2,000 aircraft and helicopters for retrofitting aircraft parts and units and thus in 2020 to increase the share of modern aircraft in the armed forces up to 70%, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Now we have it somewhere around 20, unfortunately," — he said. According to him, to achieve this enterprise sector must go through a complete re-equipment, to strengthen its operational and human resource capacity.

"It is clear that at the same time increase the output and rebuild production — is no easy task. This is a complex matter, but it is realized", — Putin said.

He cited the example of the Novosibirsk aircraft plant, where, in his opinion, this is done very well. "It turns out, then you can do it in other places, I am waiting for such a responsible approach to all industry executives, directors of enterprises, the state will provide you with all the necessary assistance and support," — said the head of state.

According to Putin, in turn, the Ministry of Defence to hold the permanent control of the performance of contracts and the whole process of delivery of aviation equipment to the troops. "Of course, aircraft parts and connections must be prepared to receive and speed up the adoption of new technology, to introduce the most advanced approaches to combat training," — Putin concluded.

Also on the re-air units and units will be allocated 5 billion rubles, said President of the Russian Federation. He recalled that the modern aviation technology has already begun to enter the army, and we are talking about serial deliveries.

"In total, the re-air units and units, I'm reminded of this in a conversation with the workers at the assembly area, we plan to spend approximately 25% of the total funding for state defense order. He is with us, as you know, 20 trillion, so a quarter of the 20 trillion — that's $ 5 trillion, a very respectable figure, "- said Putin.

The president did not object to the transfer of Russian aviaholdinga exclusive rights to the repair and maintenance of military aircraft, but believes that this issue should be solved within the framework of the industry itself.

"There are different proposals, which are reduced to including to the sole executor of complex contracts for the repair and maintenance of aircraft to assign our industrial holdings. This can be done, I have nothing against, but in the end it must solve together industry leaders with the Ministry of Defence, "- said Putin at a meeting on the development of military aviation.

"I would agree with the opinion of specialists — you know best how to organize it better," — added the President, addressing the participants of the meeting.

The Head of State noted that the maintenance of aircraft can best be performed exclusively by the manufacturers. In this regard, he reiterated the importance of the contracts 'life cycle'.

"It would be right to include obligations on services in the existing contracts for the supply of equipment … And these requirements should apply for the duration of the use of aircraft and helicopters," — he said. According to the President, it will increase the responsibility of manufacturers for the quality of its products, will lead to the service and will bring additional funds to enterprises for such kind of works.

Vladimir Putin also said he would be kept under review all aspects of the implementation plan for the upgrading of the army and navy.

"We held a series of meetings to ensure the army and navy with new weapons systems. In June, including, we discussed the implementation of the state program of armaments in aviation technology. As agreed, we will return to these issues on a regular basis, we will keep this issue under constant supervision, "- said Putin.

"However, I repeat — we will not have another historic opportunity at the right time and in the right quality with the availability of funds, and we have them, and the glory of God, in full, to solve these massive problems facing the country the field of defense. This is not an ordinary job, not passing. received today, tomorrow we get. No, tomorrow will not be the money, and it's already gone from us. This is what we must always remember, "- said the President.

Putin drew attention to the fact that close contact is fundamentally important customers, developers and manufacturers of appliances, a clear vision and understanding of the technological challenges of requirements for prospective weapons.

The Head of State recalled that the need is almost completely re-equip combat aircraft. And this applies to a variety of aircraft: combat aircraft, reconnaissance, transport, the entire fleet of airplanes and helicopters.

"According to its characteristics the new technique should be better than the world standards. You know, if today we will focus on the perspective on how today's designs, then tomorrow we'll be late, and today in the afternoon will have to think about a new retooling" — the President said.

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