Vladimir Shamanov gave BMD-4M

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was so pleased with toy tanchiki, seen them in the General Command of the Army, he decided to share his joy with the commander of the Navy and sent it to the Kurgan, on the range and that which was presented as a gift incredibly beautiful model BMD-4M, made of aluminum armor. Love, after all, we have beautiful toys!

But before that Shamanov enough dashed off in a real car. Quite famously with her driving, I must say.


He said the new BMD at times better than the BMD-1 and BMD-2. Who would doubt!

The only pity is adopted, it does not go right now, the test will last until the end of the year. But now, at least, have confidence that goes. In the future, the promise of more than forty.

Ten vehicles for military trials plant should pass to the middle of the year, and the first of them to appear as early as May Day. "Each article should be numbered from first to tenth on the state tests and submit them on time, "- said the commander. And rightly so, the order should be!

So, watch the video from the TV star, present ourselves on the driver's seat and enjoy the Russian winter and fast driving!

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