Vladivostok APEC 2012 and Bridges

Reports of Alexander "Russos" Popova


A couple of days ago, started in Vladivostok 2012 APEC summit. His training has been written many articles and many more tried to calculate — where did 600-something billion rubles. What have built and done?

Since the idea to fly to Vladivostok came late, then get on the Russian island was impossible — it hosted the FSO. So look turned out only the city itself. Immediately noticed that the bridges overshadow everything. On the background of the other buildings in the city look very pale and completely lost. But, nevertheless, look at what is.

1. By the opening of the summit was the construction of a new terminal and apron taxiing. Remodeled the former runway, which can accept all types of aircraft without restrictions.

2. Was surprised that no one came up to me not with screams that can not shoot, but the camera I was not hiding at all. A pleasant surprise.

3. The new terminal was opened in July 2012.

4. By the summit also launched express train. 200 rubles per hour and the time it takes you into the city center to the station. By the way, while passengers are not actively taking advantage of this opportunity, but soon it will, I am sure, will win its popularity.

5. Was reconstructed road to the airport and built a new section of the terminal. When the departed, the take-off took place on a new interchange — there was a Tu-154 in the field. Apparently — aircraft monument.

6. Low water bridge De Vries — Sedanka a corner bay. Its length is 4,368 m, making it the second in Russia after the length of the Ulyanovsk bridge (5825 m).

7. UFA platform at the station.

8. The new railway terminal. I do not know what will happen after the summit, but now feel that they are in Europe.

9. With the city, of course, is more complicated. The so-called guest itinerary — all good. And the rest — as usual.

10. Central Square. Just then I noticed — you can see on the right, on the edge of the frame — a two-story building? This glass house e-government. As I understand it, the construction of a temporary one.

11. In general, it seemed to me, many of the buildings to the summit updated and tint.

12. The city is located on the hills, and after a short walk through it, I ran out of gas used to it.

13. The bridge across the Golden Horn. The grand and beautiful building.

14. Memorial Guards Red submarine S-56. Along with the C-13 is one of the most effective Soviet submarine in World War II. And the number of sunken ships and ships and total tonnage in the first place belongs to the Soviet Navy submarine "L-3". Entrance 100 rubles, photography — 50. Right being completed five-star hotel Hyatt Regency Vladivostok «Golden Horn».

15. Business-center «Fresh Plaza» — senseless and merciless modern architecture.

16. City at sunset.

17. The bridge on the Russian island. The impressive structure.

18. The Far Eastern Federal University. Now here goes the summit, then the students will learn.

19. Eastern Bosphorus Strait.

20. Pylon height of 327 meters. In the foreground, right wing unit 57 mm rapid-fire guns Nordenfeld, Nazimovskoy battery.

21. Night view of the bridge across the Golden Horn. It's a shame that there is no pedestrian walkway on the bridge.

22. Golden Horn.

23. Paint, my, plasterers.

24. Prices for apartments in the city are quite comparable with Moscow.

25. Commercial Sea Port

26. Residential development on the peninsula Shkot.

27. The bridge is very beautiful and, in my view, perfectly fit into the overall look of the city.

28. Turning circle on a cable car.

29. Both the funicular.

30. Workshop about Film starts :)

31. Sports harbor.

32. Hotel Hyatt Vladivostok «Burny» took place on the beautiful Cape stormy.

33. Welcome to Vladivostok!


Vladivostok at sunset:

  • Vladivostok against the sunset
  • Vladivostok against the sunset

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