Vladivostok fish washed up on shore

Hundreds of fish and sea stars and small crabs washed ashore on Saturday night in the Cape Kungasny, reported IA "Primore24" witnesses the incident.

"We came here about eight in the evening. Saw something at the shore, thought it was the sun glare. But when got closer, it turned out to fish … The whole shore was littered with small fish, similar to the smelt. Some of them are already dead. Those that are floundering, we were thrown back into the sea, but they were thrown back on shore, "- said the agency interlocutor. However, she pointed out that even in the afternoon emissions fish were not there.

She said the suicides were also among starfish and small crabs. Emissions from water sea creature was covered about 300 meters of coastline.

According to eyewitnesses, the mass death of fish can cause emissions of petroleum products. "There is just a tank farm. Maybe in her cause. Also in this area there is a lot of ships — perhaps something they spilled "- suggests a rest.

Local residents, in turn, argue that such a picture of Cape Kungasny they see for the first time.

Recall that in accordance with the instructions of Rospotrebnadzor in May it was announced that swimming at Cape Kungasny prohibited. This conclusion was based on the monitoring of water quality.

In addition, as experts say, this place is not meant for recreation.

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