VMTZ launched a series of modified tractor Agromach 85TK

On Vladimir Motor Tractor Plant (VMTZ), which is under the control of the company "Concern" Tractor plants ", a serial production of tractors AGROMASH 85TK equipped with engines with liquid cooling. Due to its versatility and ability to aggregate all kinds of attachments and towing equipment, which has more than 140 models, this versatile tractors are widely used not only in agriculture but also in construction, forestry and municipal services, as well as in personal subsidiary households.

Developed by designers "Tractor plants", a powerful and "smart" appliances AGROMASH 85TK of its quality and price parameters considerably exceed the similar technique of foreign manufacturers and has no counterpart in the domestic agricultural machinery. An important advantage of AGROMASH 85TK is the simplicity of its design, high reliability and maintainability. The tractor has a four-wheel drive — the four-wheel drive, designed for secondary tillage, planting vegetables, care for crops, inter-row cultivation of vegetable crops and orchards, hay, hauling operations. Using a special attachment AGROMASH 85TK (Provided with a loader and backhoe) can also be used road-performance businesses and community services and has successfully tested the municipal authorities of the city of Vladimir. All the long and snowy winter 2011-2012, the tractors in three shifts, virtually non-stop working on cleaning up the city from snow drifts.

The tractor is equipped with AGROMASH-85TK depending on the needs of different types of consumers of diesel, either with air (L-145T) or liquid-cooled (D-145TV) and the engine running on gas. Air-cooled engine E-145T has a simple structure and is used in extreme climatic regions, by easy maintenance. Engine Liquid-cooled L-145TV requires more skill to maintain, but it has a lower noise level. Due to the heat transfer fluid can usefully use the heat of the engine cooling to heat the cabin. Liquid cooling provides a stable temperature of the engine, which has a positive effect on the reduction of fuel consumption and environmental performance. Tractors with this engine is better suited for the southern regions and central Russia. The potential buyers of tractors AGROMASH 85TK with engine with liquid cooling are also CIS countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Central Asia), as well as North Africa and Latin America.

According to the executive director of the Vladimir Tractor Factory Motor-Alexander Gudkov, "the release of new modifications increasingly popular farm tractor once again confirms that the company strives to offer customers technology AGROMASH machine with optimal performance, taking into account the real needs of farmers."


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