VOAO Himprom reported an increase in revenue in 2010

Throughout 2010, our revenue Chimprom steadily increased, according to the press service of the company. During 2010 VOAO "Himprom" has made a significant leap in its economic development, significantly increasing revenue. In the last month of the year the company was able to earn almost 700 million rubles, while a month earlier — in November — revenue was slightly more than 500 million rubles.

VOAO "Himprom" thanks to well-constructed financial, marketing and operating policy failed in all of 2010 to earn more than 5 billion rubles. For comparison, in 2009 the company's revenue was about three and a half billion rubles. But at the beginning of the year, many doubted it would be possible to achieve such performance. Meanwhile, the company has shown that not for nothing is one of the flagships of the chemical industry in Russia.
VOAO "Himprom" is one of the largest enterprises in the domestic chemical industry, reports Plastinfo.ru. At present, the main activities VOAO "Himprom" are the production and sale of chemical products for industrial use, and it is an impressive list of inorganic and organochlorine compounds, polymers, plasticizers, solvents and refrigerants.

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