Volga hydroelectric power station will replace the six new turbines

Volga hydroelectric power station in the next three years, will direct on environmental measures 3 billion 727 million rubles. The six turbines will be replaced by new ones, with increased capacity and improved environmental performance.


In carrying out major repairs of hydraulic turbines will be replacing seals impellers that will avoid any leakage of oil into the Volga.

Will strengthen the project of reconstruction of the left bank of the Volga, continued restoration of concrete hydraulic structures elements in the variable level, made repair of concrete fasteners slopes of earth dams. This work will help to prevent the destruction of the left bank of the Volga River.

Among the other activities of the program to improve the environmental performance — the completion of the reconstruction of trunk oil pipelines and reservoirs of the central oil, replacement of 220 kV oil-filled cables on dry as well as repair work on the improvement of upstream and downstream hydroelectric piers and treatment thresholds and grills trash facilities plant, which will reduce Volgograd reservoir pollution from floating debris.

In 2011, the Volga HPP has confirmed the certificate of conformity of environmental management system requirements of ISO 14001:2004, which branch received in 2008. The document has been issued in respect of the supply and production of electrical energy to the independent evaluation of the stations of the international certification organization BSI (British Standards Institute). This means that the company complied with the modern requirements for the protection of the environment. Volga hydroelectric power plant became the first Russian to receive such certification.

The actual cost of implementing an environmental program of the Volga hydroelectric power station in 2011 amounted to 1 499 600 000 rubles. Carried out the work to replace the turbines Art. Number 12 and number 8. During major overhauls of hydraulic turbines are replacing seals impellers.
In the past year have been replaced by oil storage tanks, piping systems, preparation and cleaning of oil. Reconstructed area number 1 for the temporary storage of scrap metal, introduced a system of spreader of rainwater from the roof of the machine hall of the power house.  
And also cleared sills and lattice trash facilities HPS, performed the improvement of territories bottom and the upper piers, restored perennial green spaces that are needed to strengthen the embankment dams.

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