Volgodonsky branch AEM technology started surfacing of the reactor vessel

At the production site of the branch of JSC "AEM-technology" in Volgodonsk (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) began surfacing housing components of the reactor to the Baltic NPP.

Currently located in the shell of the core, mantle zone pipes and the reactor pressure vessel. Blanks reactor vessel delivered PJSC "EMSS" (Ukraine). "Today, Ukraine supplied with forged passed the entrance control, consistent quality plans, RTN received permission to start work. All housing before welding blanks were pre-machining," — said the director of the project management of CJSC "AEM technology," Vladimir Semikopenko. Fusing of the heat exchange of the body and containers used a unique process equipment, noted in the press service of Atomenergomash. BREDA welding systems allow you to work with workpieces weighing up to 350 tons for the core shell applied welding gantry and console with additional heating elements Kokusai Electric, a welding positioner to the bottom, allowing the program to change the angle of the workpiece during welding or welding. Duration of operation surfacing will be around 30 working days for each unit

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