Volgograd Aluminium Plant (PHOTOS)

A photo essay from this plant was already here, it — the other and with the video. Very large positions, one will not collect. For those who are interested in Russian industrial enterprises.

Author of the report — Denis Lukyanov (LJ denis-mx)

June 29, thanks to the press service of the VgAZ, I and a small team of bloggers managed to visit the workplace.
We were shown and told all the fun was taken and taken wherever possible, for that plant staff thank you very much.
The plant was opened in 1959 and at first had no analogues in the world. Now it's not as good as we would like. The main problem — expensive electricity.
The production capacity of -168 thousand of aluminum per year. On the production employs about 1,600 people.

1.Te most tubes, which can be seen from almost all of Volgograd. From them comes out almost clean pairs (95%). So all the rumors about emissions, etc. — Nonsense.

 2. We started our tour with an impoundment, which provides plant.

3. VgAZ — the only company in the city, which is not connected to the city water company. That is all the water is drained here, then filtered again to the plant.

4. Frogs fish rather big enough dimensions in large quantities.

5. We then moved to the office of the press service of the plant. Of course, safety.

6. Prohodnaya.Zdes we checked out a few times and put through a metal detector.

7. Thus here)

8. The whole area well-kept and planted with greenery.


10. The monument on the central avenue

11. The building, which is located on the territory of the plant, but is owned Property Management Agency. Repair the plant and do not allow yourself the money to repair not allowed.

12. They came to the most interesting and, one might say, a dangerous plant.

13. Foreman

14. Inside, everything is very massive, incredible feeling.

15. Preparation alyuminiya.Sery-alumina powder, and it is obtained from aluminum. Alumina misses the electrolysis bath which serves as the cathode, and carbon bars (located on) are anode. The short distance between the cathode and the anode allows for the reduction reaction of aluminum.

16. The temperature in the shop up to 70 degrees in summer. The very same red hot metal to 900 degrees, so no spec. equipment here is better not to go.

17. Molten metal. In addition to the high temperatures in the shop quite a lot of dust, including and the metal, so that all workers in respirators. Dust is not deadly, but easy to keep.

18. Girl crane.

19. Loading of aluminum ingots. Videos with this process at the end of the post.

20. Ready-hot ingots cool.

21. VgAZ marking on each ingot

22. And all the possible information about its manufacture. For every customer ingots are produced by various parameters. All for customers.

23. The new system of dry gas cleaning. It's a great building and a double pipe replaced the old system (pipes, of which there is a pair). The new system allows you to capture 99 percent of harmful substances. The cost of one such system — about 8 million. The plant is one operating system and one under construction.


25. The new gas cleaning system under construction.

Well, the promised video from the processes of the huge cranes and manufacturing of ingots. Do not forget to put 1080 :)

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