Volgograd region: priority — the construction of new sports facilities

FOK "Rus" in the Volga

In 2010, the region built 11 sports facilities:
5 — Volgograd, 2 — in the Volga, one — in Uryupinsk Sredneakhtubinsky, Kalachevsky Svetloyarsky and municipal areas.
6 sports facilities were put into operation.
In the coming months, will open Phocas Uryupinsk and Volgograd (College of Olympic Reserve).
This year we plan to complete the construction and the other three sites.
In addition, in 2011 the region's planned construction of two fitness centers in g.Frolovo and Staropoltavskom metro area.
Your pool will appear at the Volgograd State Pedagogical University, it will be built under the program "500 pools universities".

In addition, considering the issue of the inclusion in the federal program for the year 2011 the project of building a sports hall in Staropoltavskom metro area, as well as the construction of these halls, swimming pools and skating rinks in 18 municipalities in the Volgograd region. These projects provide for co-financing.

The water sports center in the Dzerzhinsk region of Volgograd

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