Volkhov aluminum factory celebrated its 80th anniversary

May 19 Volhove celebrated the anniversary of the oldest enterprises of the Leningrad region — aluminum plant. It was opened in mid-May 1932, he became the first plant the aluminum industry in the country.

Volkhov Aluminium Plant is a combined company RUSAL, which produces 10% of aluminum in the world. Today, the average power of the Volkhov plant is 24,000 tons of aluminum per year.

In 2011, the company has upgraded the equipment at the beginning of 2012 opened a new foundry complex, and the plant started large-scale production of alloys.

Further, the products are used in aerospace and automotive industries.

The plant currently employs 370 people, the average wage is 29,500 rubles. Employees of the company paid a spa treatment. The company provides corporate assistance to child care centers Volkhov district.

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