Vologda musicians have won the competition in Italy

XVI International Competition named after the great Italian conductor Pietro Argento was held in Gioia del Colle. It was attended by representatives from more than 10 countries worldwide. Vologda in the competition presented Irina Bogomolov (piano), Alexander Rags (violin), students of 4th Music School Andrew and Alexander Torhovo (piano).

Irina Bogomolov an international jury was recognized as the overall winner of the competition. After earning the maximum points, she won the 1st prize, prize money and got a live gig for next season.

"Any creative competition — this is not only a battle, testing their strength, the assessment of their capabilities, this is an interesting dialogue with the musicians, to establish new professional contacts. So it was at the competition in Gioia del Colle. Will long be remembered welcome, the atmosphere of competition and community, words of admiration and gratitude to the members of the jury and the organizers of the competition, "— Said Irina Bogomolov, Vologda pianist.

Instrumental duet Irina and Alexander Bogomolov Rags in the "Chamber Ensemble" won the third prize and a bronze medal. In the category of "piano-juniors' nine-Torhov Andrew was awarded the second prize and a silver medal. His older brother Alexander Torhov in her age category received a diploma as a soloist pianist.

Source: Administration of Vologda (http://vologda-portal.ru)

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