Vologda village Flasks — where nature is fun

Thunderstorms will never ask a man what she should. River Sukhona in Opoki did as she was more comfortable, namely to make a sharp turn on its 452 km and expose the bank 250 million years ago. Meet the Vologda village Flasks — a vivid example of the vagaries of nature.


So, the very first and the amazing thing that catches your eye — it's chopped rocky shore, the broken in half.

This is where things get weird: the river merges with its own Sukhona same reflow, repeatedly changing direction and generally behaves like a normal typical river. To understand why this happened, we need only imagine the huge piles of ice and rocks, breaking through the road on the way here from the north.

Let's look at the turn of the Sukhona. It's just really beautiful.

However d.Opoki this does not stop. The natural vagaries of their added the man said, and in an era where persistently proved his superiority over nature. Monument to the ideas and imagination — a fountain from the earth, geyser, adding strange village.

The well was drilled geologists, who were looking around the village of Brotherly quartz sand in order to build a glass factory, but stumbled on the drilling artesian water. Tube inserted into the borehole, the water was poured out upon the surface of the ground fountain. Depth — 192.4 meters.

In winter, extreme cold, the water in the funnel freezes to ice sculpture.

In addition to this amazing Opoki forest and panoramic views.

Thanks to its attractions Flasks village has got a good infrastructure to accommodate arriving here the curious and inquisitive. Basically, I stop on the way to the Great Ustug — 50 km.

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