Volunteers are selected for a flight to Mars

Mars One project involves irrevocable journey to Mars. Members of the expedition should forever remain on the red planet and forget to return. A few days ago the founders of the project published a list of requirements for potential participants.

Medical director of the Mars One says that the experience of the military or a pilot is not required, much more important is how the astronauts will be in contact with each other — as during a long flight to close the ship, and during the whole of life on another planet.

The project Mars One, which ogranizovan fund in May 2012, a manned mission to Mars. Prior to departure, the people there will be sent robots to advance people to build a settlement. Members of the expedition, under any circumstances, be able to return to Earth, it is this factor has lowered the cost and technical complexity of the project, which will, it is hoped the founders, to realize his plan.

In a way, this project is a great reality show with an open translation, through which will partially cover the costs of the project. Also, the first four astronauts will choose to live.

The organizers want to take creative, social, people are under the age of eighteen years, with character, full of determination to achieve their goals. Mars will be the official language of English, but to citizenship and nationality are no limits.

Among active astronaut selection will be. Each selected participant will be an eight-year course of training for the flight, but, nevertheless, pre-existing knowledge and life experience will be significant advantage in the selection.

Organizers, with many thousands of letters from those who want to fly to Mars.

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