Voronezh concern Constellation has created a digital radio

In Voronezh, JSC "Concern" Constellation "completed work on the creation of broadband high-speed digital reprogrammable radios sixth generation" Amber ".

 Photo source:sozvezdie.su

According to the developers, the new radio system has the performance, the parameters of which are not inferior to foreign analogues.
In OCD "Amber" using modern digital signal processing techniques that are under high levels of interference and jamming provides the desired accuracy of the transmitting and receiving information. For example, a wide range of frequencies — 108-512 MHz.

The new product developers group managed to achieve high technical performance data transfer rate and low bit error rate. In stations with up to 2 Mbit / s can simultaneously transmit voice information and data (text, layout and the like). The new technology can be used in both stationary and mobile objects in motion and in multipath propagation.

According to the developers, conducted the trace tests confirmed the possibility of tactical and technical characteristics laid down in the specifications. On the basis of the radio station "Amber" possible construction of radio public (civilian) and radio control of special services and military units, including those in difficult noise conditions.

 The necessity of translation of the Russian army to digital communications Dmitry Medvedev said in his annual address to the Federal Assembly in November 2009.

It is known that the Ministry of Defence of Russia spends 18% of its budget for the creation of a digital control system and communication. In 2005, the Chief Signal Corps, Colonel-General Karpov said that such a system will be fully ready by 2015.

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